Missing Milestones Missed

I keep missing milestones because of my strict rule to not interrupt a season while it is in progress, but I am happy to recognize one milestone… this is post # 350. Yes, this is the 350th post on this blog!

It does sound kind of silly as I write this. Oh well, never mind…

Three hundred and fifty does not sound as sexy as 500 or 1000, but then again I am shooting for quality here, not quantity.

One milestone that I recently missed was just the other day on July 17th, when THOTB turned one year old. Yes, it was one year ago this past Sunday when THOTB first aired on this network.

Another missed milestone was that this story actually made it past generation five. All of my previous stories have ended either before or at generation five.

As I got to the end of season six, I realized that there was not yet a single mention of the birth a Gen-Sixer. So in the very last scene of episode 26, we see the first member of generation number 6. When I wrote that episode I did not know what the little fellow’s name was. As it turns out his name is Dmitri.

As season seven progresses, I promise not to forget any more names. It is getting confusing enough without having the names all mixed up. This whole thing is starting to turn into a Russian novel.

I am surprised that as I was updating the THOTB: Characters page that I actually had all sixteen Gen-Fivers memorized and was able to match name to face.

Going back through my notes I did learn a few new things about these characters that I did not realize as I was choosing who the Gen-Five cast would be. For example, I learned that Kelly Poindexter-Ringwald’s father was the older half-brother of Jaycee and Allen Ringwald. Therefore, as she is the granddaughter of Colonel Andrea Ringwald, she is Jaycee and Allen’s niece. Plus, she is also a 2nd cousin of theirs on her mother’s side.

Now things are getting all soap-opery.

As I mentioned, previously in season five the criteria for gen-5 was that they each be a descendant of at least one founder and they not all be bunched up on one side of the tree. As a result, I almost did not include Jodi Stoney because she is first cousins with three of the eight guys. So, even though it did cut down on the choices for who would become her mate, things did work out.

Originally, I had planned that more of the story line was going to be spent on the blossoming romances going on with the Gen-Fivers, but some other characters seemed to dominate the plot – six sims and an object in particular.

Originally the story arc involving Carina, Dobbs, and Raquel which I dubbed Vampyre Journal was only supposed to have been three episodes, but turned it out to be six or more.

Those other characters (and one object) need no introduction, but I do think that they deserve a shout-out, because I promise you will be seeing more of them in the coming seasons.

The Gang of Seven

Mike Dutranoy Mike was first introduced in season five / episode one. I needed someone to carry the story for a while, because, frankly, I thought that Huckleberry and Sheena were boring.
Raquel (LeFey) Goombah Raquel has been with the series since the beginning. She sure is scary, but in a sexy kind of way.
The ghost of Jamie Stoney Every great story requires at least one ghost and I do not think that I could have chosen a lovelier ghost than Jamie Stoney.
Dobbs James Dobbs “There’s a man who leads a life of danger.
To everyone he meets he stays a stranger.
With every move he makes, another chance he takes.

Odds are he won’t live to see tomorrow”

Carina Clemens Carina first joined the cast as an infant in season 4/episode 6. She’s not evil. She just has not yet found the right guy.
Jackie (Clemens) Dutranoy Jackie was the first of the gen three girls. She made her initial appearance in season 2/episode 5. It is a little known fact, but in the early episodes, the Jackie character was played by the twins Diane and Erin Murphy.
The Grimoire of Morgan LeFey Some people call this “Aleister’s Alchemy Station”, but I call it “The Grimoire of Morgan LeFey”

I promise that season seven will appear soon, but first it needs to be written (or least started). While you are waiting for season seven to begin, why not watch it all over again from the beginning, starting with THOTB episode one of season zero (no purchase required).

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