The History of Twin Bayous – Case of the Curious Note

This is a two part’er. Episodes 4 and 5 of The History of Twin Bayous season seven are back-to-back exciting, non-stop, adventures filled with action and intrigue. Does that get your attention? I surely hope so.

In these episodes, Dobbs is asked to find a key under Shang Simla Market. They find the portal behind the market and head down to find the key. Dobbs finds the key and is then ask to break into the treasure trove of the warlord, Dung Huo. The treasure trove is hidden in the Market Caverns. He needs to find a relic that was stolen from the bookseller’s ancestor. He must return the relic, but he can keep everything else he finds.

Fun Fact: The year is now 1979 and Jamie Stoney was born in 1905. Thus making her current age 74 years old. Doesn’t she look amazing? For those of you not familiar with Jamie’s story see Season 4/Episode 18, where Jamie is murdered. She was 37 years old in 1942.

Here is a list of the Shang Simla opportunities covered so far, including these two episodes:

  1. Seeking Adventure?
  2. Treasure Hunter
  3. A Curious Note
  4. The Concern of Illegible Handwriting
  5. Deep Within the Forbidden City

Without any further ado, here are episodes 4 and 5. (“further ado”?!!? No one talks like that anymore! Except maybe me and I only say things like that because I keep falling asleep as I am writing this).

Episode IV – Case of the Curious Note – Pt.1

Episode V – Case of the Curious Note – Pt.2


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