The History Twin Bayous – The Case of Confounded Boulder – Pt.1

This new adventure chain leads Dobbs and Jamie to finding Pangu’s Axe. Through a sequence of quests they learn how to clear boulders in tombs. Also they discover a valuable relic “Symbol of the Hot Springs Cave”.

In this first part of the chain, Dobbs responds to a request by someone named Hui Young Kim to meet with her to discuss a mysterious and magical artifact. He is asked to get permission from three citizens of Shang Simla to allow him to search for the boulder smashing artifact. He does this only to be told that he also needs to speak with a person named Shen Su.

Shen Su tells Dobbs: “I will share this information with you, but first you must prove you will benefit the greater good. Shang Simla’s coffers have run dry and the city needs funding to expand the local works. Gather 3 pieces of valuable Lapis Lazuli and deliver it to me. I will in turn give it to the city. You will be paid for your assistance, I assure you.”

Can Dobbs find the valuable Lapis Lazuli? You will need to watch episode 11 to find out.

Technical Note: I use GeForce Experience ShadowPlay to capture video and audio from The Sims 3 along with audio from my mic.

ShadowPlay does an excellent job of capturing and for the sake of efficiency the video is captured with a variable fps rate. If the video were to be captured with a constant fps rate, the capture files would be gigantic, much larger than they are now. The result of this is that a variable fps causes audio sync problems in the software used for editing.

I use Adobe Premier Pro to edit the video. But before importing the video files into Premier Pro, I need to use another software package to correct the audio sync issue. That software is called HandBrake and you can read all about it here.

One other issue with the video captured with ShadowPlay is that it is too dark. I could not find a way to prevent this, so the simple resolution is to adjust the brightness and contrast after importing into Premier Pro. Every clip I use, I set the Brightness to 30 and Contrast to 3.

I thought that it would be “interesting” to give the videos a film noir look. I wanted to make the videos look like the B-movie serials of the 1930s and 40s. This was started at some point in episode 2 and continued through episode 10. At first, I thought that the “look” looked really good, but after review I realized that the indoor scenes did look good in black-and-white, but outdoor scenes did not look so good, especially at night. So starting with this episode, all of the scenes will now be in color. But I still want the videos to have a vintage look that will hopefully remind the viewer of Technicolor films of the 1940s. To achieve this I used the “Vintage FX” color presets for Premiere Pro constructed by


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