The History Twin Bayous – The Case of Confounded Boulder – Pt.8

After eight episodes, one adventure ends and new one begins…

This episode provides a perfect example of what happens when your sim loses one of the opportunities in the middle of an adventure. In this case, there was a problem as they were leaving the Hot Springs lot (off camera). They became stuck inside a wall and this required that I reset Dobbs and Jamie. When they were reset, they lost the “Deliver the Relic” opportunity.

To fix this problem, I needed to use the NRAAS Master Controller mod to reapply the “Boulder Smash” opportunity.

NRAAS –> Master Controller –> Basic –> Opportunities and then select opportunity from list.

This gave Dobbs the opportunity, but did not trigger the “Deliver the Relic” opportunity. To fully fix the problem, He needed to return to the Host Springs lot and then teleport down to the room when the relic was stored. He was finally then able to get another copy of the relic and this triggered the final opportunity in the chain.

This completes the Pangu’s Axe adventure cycle consisting of the following opportunities…

  • Confounded Boulder!
  • Sign My Petition?
  • A Friendly Interview
  • Village Valuables
  • Pangu’s Axe
  • Boulder Smash!


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