Something to Consider…

Something to Consider…

As we have reached the conclusion of yet another season of THOTB, I am inspired to do something different. I admit that season seven was really different, almost in a bad way, as you the reader/viewer got to witness first-hand I as stumbled along through my directorial debut.

And I when I say “different” I think I actually mean the “same”.

I apologize for the almost abrupt end to season 7, but this will all be explained in season 8. Lessons have been learned and they will be applied as I begin work on season 8 or should I call it Story 8.1. Oops! Spoiler Alert?

Here is something to consider:

Here at this site there are four main storylines…

  1. Story 8
  2. Story 9
  3. Story 0
  4. THOTB

If you look closely you will see that all four stories are connected and intertwined in some way. The answer to how they are all connected is due to the simple fact that all of these stories have a single source – me.

There is also within the stories a mention of the “Source” and I think now is time that this concept be explored further and explained.

What I plan on doing is going back to the comic page format and occasionally adding bonus videos when there is something that is worth showcasing. One of the main reasons is that I realize now that video production is double or more the effort of collecting screenshots. My original process of snapping candid shots without doing poses allowed me to enjoy “the game” and then I could compose the story at my leisure. Unless I am doing a straight “let’s play”, doing good video means having to constantly stop and reposition the camera. Too much like work for my tastes.

Having said all that, season 8 is now in the works and as always I want to get a handful of episodes produced before I start publishing them.


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