Some Random Things

It was been a month now since I lasted posted an episode of the story. Now I feel compelled to explain what has been going on.

First it is not that I have lost interest in this. It is the complete opposite of that… I play the game (TS3 or TS4) almost every night. The problem is that I have gotten so immersed in playing the game, that when it comes to keeping the story posts going, things have gotten away from me.

I have taken tons of screenshots and made notes as I have gone along, but since so much has happened, the amount of effort to play catch-up has become overwhelming and NOT fun.

Another side of this is that I am such a freak when it comes to wanting this blog to be nice and orderly.

However, when I lose the momentum, I then takes me a while to get things back in motion. Since I feel the need to publish the episodes in a nice orderly fashion (whatever that means), because there is so much to do, I wind-up not doing anything at all.

Forget about order! Here is some random stuff…

Keeping the Story Alive

I was attempting to explain all that has gone on within the story for the past twenty years (that is story years) and I started that effort by composing a page entitled: The Culpepper Crowd. I wrote that page a week and a half ago. At the bottom of the page you will see a list of other articles that are planned and nothing is getting done.

Film at Eleven

I have made two videos regarding the above-mentioned page. I was debating whether or not to upload them. The debate is over and the two videos are being uploaded to YouTube as I write this post. I will provide an update once they have been posted.

Going Live

I only recently, in the past couple of weeks, started live-streaming the Sims 4 on Twitch. My channel is It took me a few nights to overcome some technical difficulties. I was planning on live streaming this weekend, but now it looks like that will not happen. I have not come up with any sort of schedule, but like everything else, I am hoping that it will happen soon (like maybe this coming week). I will post a notification when I do live-stream again.

Old Friends Are the Best

All this time, I have been playing in both TS4 and TS3. In TS3, I want to play in some of the EA worlds that I have ignored in the past. I am now playing in a modified Moonlight Falls. I took the EA world that came with Supernatural and brought it into CAW and tweaked it a bit. The only change I made was to the bay-like area below the falls and that was to allow boats on the water.

In doing that I discovered that there is no way to make the river above the falls navigable by boats. It has something to do with that body of water not being at sea level.

I call this modified world Moonshine Falls and with it I am working on a story idea of a satire of a teen occult drama that I plan to call either “The Bloodsucker Journals” or “The Mystery of Moonshine Falls”.

I just can never get away from TS3 as I still prefer this game over TS4, but that is not in any way a comment on TS4. Play on!


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