The Other Sims

I cannot make up my mind about what I am going to do next with the storytelling. Do I stay in TS4 or go back TS3? Or Do both? While I contemplate this I have taken a break from both and have taken to playing Sim City.

Some call it Sim City 2013 and some know it as Sim City 5. I bought it when it first came out in 2013 and when compared with previous releases of the product, I did not like it and did not spend more than a few days playing it.

As I mentioned on the “About” page, my first introduction to the Sim-series of games was with the very first of the series, Sim City, when it was introduced in 1989. I loved playing Sim City and it was the only video game besides Sid Meir’s Civilization that I played.

I loved Sim City 2000, hated Sim City 3000, and thought that Sim City 4 was the best. I guess that I did not give Sim City 2013 enough time, because when I loaded it up the other night, I had not touched it in four years.

I started playing the game on Friday night and when I came back to it on Saturday, I played it all day and all night.

Below are some screens-shots of a town I call Lucky Palms…

It all started as a sleepy town in the middle of the desert.

In the early days, none of the streets were paved.

Where the highway into town ended, they built a hotel and casino.

As the casino operation grew, so did the town.

Here is another city that I built.

It too is a “casino” town.

This one has an expo center.

Had a little problem with a tornado that destroyed the ore mine.

The tornado spared every structure in the city except the ore mine that helped kick-start the town.

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