The History of Twin Bayous – Stop me if you’ve heard this one before

Hello, in case you did not know by now, my name is Dobbs James Dobbs. I am a private eye. People sometimes get confused. They think my first name is James… it’s not… it’s my middle name.

I am originally from Angel City where I worked for a very famous security company located there on Sunset Blvd.

About a year ago, my company got a call from the sheriff of Twin Bayous. He wanted to hire a detective. He needed help investigating a very strange event in which a series of lightening and meteor strikes killed about 20 citizens of Twin Bayous.

He did not believe that these events occurred naturally. He thought that it was either witchcraft, science fiction, or possibly both. He wanted someone who was an outsider to snoop around to figure out what had happened.

However, I remember very little of what happened not long after I arrived.

I arrived on Friday night at the start of a three-day weekend and by Sunday night, before I even met the sheriff, I was sleeping with his daughter, Carina Clemens.

Carina was once the girlfriend of Mike Dutranoy.

Mike is the guy from whom I stole this boat along with some other things. Now in order to avoid going to jail I figured that I should call up Mister Dutranoy in the hopes that he could help me.

So, I called up Mike Dutranoy and I explained to him that I am the guy who stole his boat and I wanted to return it. I can only imagine the look on his face when his son, Mykolas told him about the man who came to inquire about the boat.

At one point, while we spoke on the phone, the sound of his voice changed as he wanted to know what I had done with the remains of Jamie Stoney. That is when I told him that we had better meet because I had something to tell him that he might have a lot of trouble believing unless he saw the evidence that I had.

When I arrived at Mr. Dutranoy’s home, I told him that Jamie Stoney was alive and well and living in France.

I showed him photographs of Jamie and me that we had taken while in China and France.

I explained to him how I meet the ghost of Gregg Gentille, who confessed to having murdered Jamie and how he gave me a dusty old lamp. He said it was gift to Jamie for having murdered her.

I told him what Jamie told me before I left. How the she had arranged for the ghost of Gregg Gentile to take the grimoire of Morgan LeFey in exchange for the dusty old lamp.

Then I told him that something didn’t add up. For one thing what did a ghost want with the grimoire? I told him that I suspected that someone else was behind this. Mr Dutranoy told me that he agreed with me.

I explained how I had no memory of what happened between the weekend that I arrived in town and that night a week later when Jamie sent me to the cemetery to meet the ghost. I sense that something nearly traumatic happened in between, but my mind was obviously blocking it out.

I further explained that I have only a vague memory of going to his house and of how I tricked his son, Mykolas, into letting me into the basement where I took the grimoire, the urn, and some elixirs.

I apologized for having done that, but I swore to him that I believe that I was under some sort of hypnotic trance. He said that he believed me.

Then when I told him that I needed his help in keeping the sheriff from arresting me. I did not have to remind him that Sheriff Sawyer had once arrested him and that he had spent two years in jail on a fairly thin charge of having slept with the sheriff’s daughter, Carina.

I told him that I was determined to find out what was going on in this town and that I was going to get the grimoire back. We both agreed that it should be given to the rightful owner. If we could figure out who that was. He told me the top two candidates for rightful owner are the twins Becky and Tom Clemens, but that he would figure that out while I worked on finding the magical book.

Mr. Dutranoy told me that everyone in this town was a suspect. I nodded in agreement. We then left his house and headed over to the Sheriff’s house.

Sheriff Sawyer Clemens and his family lived at a place called Clemens Valley Farm.

He was born in this house to his parents Jack and Donna Clemens.

Donna was the daughter of the ghost I mentioned earlier, Gregg Gentille.

When Donna came to Clemens Valley Farm she was still a teenager and she was pregnant with her first child, Jackie.

Jacqueline “Jackie” Clemens is now married to Mike Dutranoy. She is the town’s main doctor and is well respected. Jackie had a hard life, but she is now very happy in what is now her second life. If you’re interested go back and read about it in season five.

Sherriff Clemens was Donna and Jack’s second child and he was at one time engaged to Jamie. Jamie never talked much about her past life so I don’t know what all went down between the two of the them but you can read all about it in season three.

Sheriff Clemens was elected sheriff of Twin Bayous in 1940 so he has been sheriff of this town for 40 years now. (season four)

Any way Sawyer Clemens was now married to Jamie’s younger sister, Rochelle. Their mother was Veronica “Ronnie” Ringwald heiress to the Ringwald fortune. Rochelle was now the CEO of Ringwald Enterprises. She greeted us at the door and invited us in.

Mike and I met with the sheriff and Mike told the sheriff that he was dropping all charges against me. I apologized to the sheriff for leaving town and skipping out on the job. I knew that I had been fired from my job and that the Sheriff owed nothing to the company because I never actually did anything.

Yet the Sheriff was not buying any of this and he told me that he was going to find an excuse to have me arrested.

Then when he told me to get out town and not come back, Mike Dutranoy stepped in and he told the sheriff that he had no right to tell me to leave town. The sheriff then threatened to have me arrested for vagrancy.

Mike then told the Sheriff that I had a job and that I was working for him.

Twin Bayous was a town full of mysteries… mysteries that needed to be solved. It was now my job to solved the mysteries. To do that I was going to need to dig around.


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