The History of Twin Bayous – Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

Sheriff Clemens once told me something that I will never forget. He said to me that he “knows things that most people don’t know,” and then he added, “Remind me to tell you about it sometime.”

Unfortunately, that was only a couple weeks before Sawyer Clemens died. Sawyer Clemens (1909-1980) was 71 years old. He was buried at Clemens Valley Farm in the plot where his grandfather was buried along with Morgan LeFey and Sawyer’s mother, Donna Clemens. His wife of nearly 50 years, Rochelle Clemens, was terribly distraught.

When I gave the boat back to Mike Dutranoy, I had no place to live. Thanks to Rochelle I was found a place to stay in a building owned by her brother, Donovan Stoney.

I had heard stories about Donovan from their sister Jamie – about how he once beat up a woman who was just standing out in front of her house.

Needless to say I could not get along with Donovan Stoney and I had to move out of the apartment after only a few weeks.

Rochelle, now a widow and an elder, told me that I could come and live at the farm…

…but she cautioned that if she caught me fooling around with her teenage daughters that she would kill me…

…adding that her late husband taught her how to make a murder look like an accident.

After I had been at the farm for a few days, Rochelle recounted a story that her late husband told her.

Sawyer loved to visit the Old Quarry.

It was the place that he hung out at when he was a teenager.

It was also a place where folks in town would dump their junk. The Old Quarry was littered with old furniture, cars, and refuse.

One night as Sawyer was visiting the Old Quarry he witnessed Raquel Lefey arrive there. She apparently did not see him as he was enjoying a sip of barley juice from an old juice keg that some kid had left there.

She was acting very strange, stranger than Raquel normally acted. So, Sawyer kept a careful eye on her as she wandered to rear of the lot.

He watched as Raquel went behind the old LeFey family’s haunted house where there stood an old discarded chifforobe. Pulling out her magical wand, she began working her magic on the discarded cabinet.

Raquel waved her wand and chanted weird phrases as she worked her magick on the abandoned wardrobe.

When she was finished with the ritual, she stood for a moment as if she was admiring her handiwork.

Then Sawyer watched as Raquel open the doors to the chifforobe.

Then she went inside. Sawyer watch for a few minutes and then when Raquel did not come out, he thought that it was his duty as the town’s sheriff to investigate.

But when he opened the chifforobe, there was no one inside the cabinet.

Thinking that this was very odd and requiring further investigation, Sawyer found that he could walk inside the chifforobe as if it were a door into another room… another place.

Sawyer went inside the chifforobe and that is when things got very vague and cloudy. He later told his wife that it was all like a dream that he knew that he had dreamed, but could not remember a single scene from it.

When Sawyer finally came out of the chifforobe, instead of being at the Old Quarry, he came out in Raquel LeFey’s bedroom inside the Dutranoit Plantation!

When Sawyer realized that he had been gone for more than a day, he speculated that Raquel had moved the wardrobe cabinet to her house, not knowing that Sawyer was “inside” of it the whole time.

Sawyer escaped from Raquel’s plantation home without seeing anyone and immediately returned home.

It was only a few days later that he died.

The story that Rochelle told me was indeed very interesting and it actually gave me my first lead. I planned that I would go the following day and have a little talk with Raquel LeFey.


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