The History of Twin Bayous-What Happens in the Library, Stays in the Library

Wendy Dawson was not a happy woman. She and her husband lived in rundown apartment complex on Artesia Boulevard. Her husband, Peter, had become estranged from his family and had refused financial aid from his wealthy parents.

Wendy had become very frustrated by this and this made her somewhat reckless and hard to predict. After we arrived in Lucky Palms, we checked into the hotel and without so much as a word to me, Wendy went to her room, changed into a skimpy bikini, and then went straight to the casino floor.

After selecting a particular machine, Ms. Dawson began gambling furiously with the money that Ms. Richland had given her to purchase the mysterious book. After playing for about an hour, she won a big pay out and now had 150,000 more simoleans than she walked in with. She later explained that wearing the bikini was a good luck charm and it appears to have worked.

After she had won a big jackpot, she was done and after going back to the room and changing, she told me that she was ready to go to the library. This seemed odd to me because it was rather late now and I would think that the library was closed at this time. Wendy was not telling me much and I was not asking questions. For example, she did not tell me how much she won, but being a detective I figured it out by looking at the machine as we were walking out.

We went to the library hoping to meet a man regarding the book, but the man was not there. We were debating what to do next when something really strange happened.

Looking out the window we observed strange lights in the sky above Lucky Palms…

…and just outside the library we were met by an alien who warned us that the book that we were about to buy was a fake.

She (the alien) told us that the real book was in Egypt and that if we “were smart, we should totally go there and search for the book”. I thought this phrasing was a little odd, but Wendy seemed to think that this encounter with an alien was a normal thing.

I was very skeptical of the whole thing, and for one I wondered why would the aliens not just get the book for themselves instead of dragooning a couple of strangers strolling along the strip in Lucky Palms.

But I told Wendy it was up to her, as it was her business. (I suspected that this was all a cleverly crafted setup, but I decided that I was continuing to play along. At this point, it was not clear to me that Wendy was in on what was going on).

She had made up her mind that she was going to take on this adventure and get the real book. She was not looking forward to returning to her crappy apartment on Artesia Blvd. So, she bought the fake book (from the obviously disguised alien) and the plan now was to return to Angel City and give the fake book to Ms. Richland.

Later back at the hotel, Wendy thanked me for helping her and after confirming that I was agreeing to escort her to Egypt, she rewarded me with a kiss.


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