The History of Twin Bayous – Done and Done

We returned to Angel City the very next morning following our encounter with an alien outside the Lucky Palm’s public library.

During the four-hour drive through the desert back to Angel City, Wendy had her tablet out and read to me from Simpedia articles and notes that she made regarding this mystical book. This chick had definitely done her homework and some of what she was telling me was freaking me out really bad.

From the way she described it, the book that we were planning to go to Egypt to dig for sounded very much to me like the Grimoire of Morgan LeFey – the book that Morgan LeFey sold to Gregg Gentille, …

…that Jamie Stoney was murdered for, …

…that Mike Dutranoy found behind the bookcase in his teen-years’ home, …

…that I was commissioned by Raquel Le Fey to steal and that Jamie allegedly gave back to Mr. Gentille.

As we drove through the desert towards Angel City, what Wendy was describing to me was a book that medieval scholars had dubbed in Latin “Claviculu Rachela” (aka The Clavicule of Rachel aka The Key of Rachel) with “Rachel” being the biblical Rachel, the wife of Jacob and the mother of Joseph.

Wendy quoted from Simpedia:
During the years that Rachel attempted to conceive a child, she tried different herbal remedies and potions. She wrote everything down and in her journal, which she referred to as a “key”, she documented the results of all of her experimentations. She called it a “key” because only by understanding a earlier section of the book would a section of book be unlocked allowing the reader to continue. The book was divided into three volumes. Because the book had been written by a woman, the Biblical patriarchs deemed it to be a vehicle for witchcraft and the book was suppressed.

Her description may not have sounded exactly as the book that I knew as the Grimoire of Morgan Le Fey, yet the very fact that that it bore the name “Rachel”, which in Spanish is “Raquel”, had me totally freaking out.

Our plan, upon arriving back in Angel City, consisted of two quick steps: Drop off the book at the Richland mansion…

…and then head directly to the airport to board a midnight flight to Al Simhara. Using her smart phone, Wendy had made all arrangements and despite the fact that it was a Friday afternoon, traffic was amazingly lite.

What I learned much later, was that as our plane lifted off from the airport and headed off to the east, that down below us in a mansion in the Hollywood Hills, a very angry Elvira Richland had summoned my old friend Joe Monday and was now giving him orders to find me and Wendy.


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