The History of Twin Bayous – Turn and Face the Strange Ch-Ch-Changes

Wendy Dawson was pregnant with my child and here I was a dead man.

She was sad and this made me even sadder. It was now night and I decided to go out for a walk to try and clear my head.

Moonshine Falls is a quiet little town, much the way I imagine Twin Bayous was before it underwent its weird transformation back in season six.

Yet as quiet as it appeared there was still a nightlife in this town. I went first to the all night coffee shop a few blocks from our house.

I saw that Maria Goombah was there with one of her kids. It sounded as if she was arguing with the barista about her drink order and the little girl was trying to calm her mom.

I hung around there for a few minutes and idly gazed out of a window. I was deep in thought about the future; thinking about Wendy and our child.

I then went to a bar on the other side of the river, a place called the Toadstool. At first the bartender pretended not to see me. They always seem to do that: you’re the only person sitting at the bar and they act as if you are invisible.

I finally got the bartender’s attention and he said: “You know, we don’t get too many ghosts in this place.” To which I replied: “At these prices, it doesn’t surprise me at all.” (bah-dump-dump).

No, but seriously folks… I ordered my usual… a gin martini shaken not stirred with three olives and he gave me instead something he called a Shillelagh.

At this point, as long it had alcohol in it, I would drink it.

I then proceeded to tell this perfect stranger my troubles. It was cool because he, after all, was a bartender and less expensive than my shrink was back in Angel City.

After a couple of more Shillelaghs, I had it all figured out. I knew exactly what it was that I needed to do.

I went home and made some noises so that Wendy would wake up.

Then to further get her attention, I scared the crap out of her. (I know: not the right thing to do to a pregnant lady, but I was drunk).

Once she realized that it was me, we gazed longingly into each other’s eyes…

…and then we kissed.

Then I did not only what I thought was the right thing to do, but something that I really wanted to do. I got down on one knee…

…and asked Wendy to marry me.

I was thrilled when she said yes.

After both agreeing that we were somehow going to make this thing work, we then went upstairs to bed.


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