The History of Twin Bayous – Wendy has a baby.

I had often wondered if I would ever settle down with one woman and have children. Then one night, about eight months after I died, Wendy gave birth to a very handsome little boy whom we named Jimmy Dobbs.

The birth of little Jimmy seemed to have melted away all of the sadness caused by my untimely passing.

We were both very happy.

During her pregnancy, Wendy had been very busy. With the money that she had won in Lucky Palms (and from some other source unknown to me), she purchased some commercial property. First, she bought a fortune telling wagon.

Then with the profits that she made from that, she built an elixir shoppe next door on the corner.

She hired a mountain woman who knew where to locate all sorts of roots and herbs. This woman manned the counter almost 24 hours a day, seven sims days a week.

Inside the shoppe, there was a cabinet that looked eerily familiar to me.

Then there was this weird machine over by the front window that no one ever used.

Behind the shoppe there were bee hives. It was decided that I would be the one to clean the hives and collect the honey because a ghost cannot get stung by a bee.

Wendy’s magic was becoming more powerful every day. I could not question her. I was so happy that through some miracle, I was able to still be with her. Nothing else seemed to matter.

Soon the snow was beginning to melt.

…and winter was coming to an end.

The valley of Moonshine Falls was starting to turn green again.

Normally this would be my clue to start moving around and getting out doors. However, I noticed something else that made me want to get out of the house even more quickly. Apparently, Wendy had taken over all forms of communication with the outside world and this now included the television. No longer could I watch my favorite cartoon shows on Saturday morning. In fact, there was now only one show on TV and this was a reality show that was on all channels 24×7.

It was a reality show about vampires called The Bloodsucker Journals.

I hate reality television. In fact I probably hate it almost as much as I love fishing and I really love fishing.

So now I was spending most of my time out on the lake below the falls, catching all sorts of interesting fish.

One day when I was out on the lake it started to rain, so I headed back to shore.

Yet as I got halfway to the lodge, the rain stopped.

That did not stop me from going inside and getting a drink. In the past, Moonshine Falls had been a popular tourist destination for anglers and fishermen of all stripes. Now with the travel ban, the town was dead  – deader than I (if that is possible).

So, you can imagine my curiosity when I looked out the window that day and saw a stranger on the shore…

Click the link to view the first episode of The Bloodsucker Journals


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