The History of Twin Bayous – There’s a New Kid in Town

The town of Moonshine Falls is split in half by the Simahoochie River. On the west side there is a waterfall and a large lake at the bottom of the falls. The lake is so big that you cannot see the other side of the lake from the town’s side.

One day I looked out the lake and I saw this guy out there fishing. I recognized this guy from some place but I didn’t quite know where I knew him from.

So, I decided that I would follow him around and see what he was up. He was a drinker so that worked out just fine for my schedule.

I learned that his name was Randy Remington.

…but he bore an uncanny likeness to a guy I only knew from a book. That book being “The History of Twin Bayous – Eighth Edition” and that guy being Mihai LeFey.

From what I could gather he was here in town as a fishing tourist. Yet with the town sealed off from the outside world, he could not have gotten here by normal means.

He was renting a trailer on the outside of town where all the tourists stay.

Yet so far he had only gone out on the lake once.

It seemed awfully suspicious that he spent most of his time wandering around town asking lots of questions. Questions about me!

You know how Santa Claus watches to see if kids are being naughty or nice?

I had my eye on this guy and he obviously did not know that I was watching him all of time.

Like when he went to visit Dr. Penny for a check-up…

…When she left the room, he jumped on her computer and hacked into her medical database.

Well, this guy was being naughty. He was starting to bother folks and I figured it was time that I stepped in and had a little talk with him.

Most people in town were oblivious to everything else because they were at home watching The Bloodsucker Journals.

3 thoughts on “THOTB-8.17

    • @thundercakes92: The town that I created is called Twin Bayous and it is available on this site at this location:
      It is not populated. One reason being that I don’t know how to make a populated world from CAW. I understand that it is complicated and error prone.
      The world being shown currently is a modified Moonlight Falls from the Supernatural Expansion. I tweaked that world in CAW and called it Moonshine Falls. Let me see about placing that modified world here on my site and when I do, I will update the comments on this post.

    • On this page ( ) there is a link to download the Moonshine Falls world. It is basically Moonlight Falls yet tweaked slightly to allow boating on the lake. You cannot boat on the river because it is above sea-level. I do not know if it this requires the Supernatural XP. As far as I know, there is no CC in this world, because I did not add any lots to this world before I starting playing it.


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