The History of Twin Bayous – The Confrontation

My name is Dobbs James Dobbs and I am a ghostly private eye.

I know that it is not nice to scare people, but sometimes if the occasion calls for it, I can be really spooky.

We had a visitor in town who was acting up. He was going around town and asking questions about me. So, I went out to the trailer park where the fishing tourists would stay and paid this guy a little visit.

Yet this guy was not the least bit frightened by my appearance. It seems that he had had experience with ghosts before. (See Story 8/Pt.3 Ep. XX)

I wasted no time and I told him straight-up that I knew who he was…

…that he was Mihail LeFey and that he was a visitor from another dimension.

That other dimension being some other variation of Twin Bayous.

Mihail explained to me that he had not come here intentionally. He described to me how he and his girlfriend, Katherine Gilliland had escaped from Universe-3.

And how they had traveled to another place called Universe-4.

He told me that he was unhappy in Universe-4 because he had lost his supernatural powers and that he thought that he had found a way to escape from Uni-4 and to return to “his” Twin Bayous, the Twin Bayous where he was born and raised.

Since being in town he had learned that Wendy was a witch and he wanted to ask her help. I warned Mihai that it could be a problem, but that I would speak to Wendy.

He said, by the way, that he had arrived here by way of the chifforobe that stood in Wendy’s Elixir Shoppe. I told him that I knew that thing was “evil” and I said that with a smile.

I told Mihai that the reason I knew all about him was from having read his and Katherine’s story at the library when I passed through the Source on my way from Twin Bayous number whatever.

We compared notes and determine that within Universe-3 there must have been at least four Twin Bayous. Including one that he might not even be aware of if he did not make it “back” to the Twin Bayous he was trying to get to when he wound up here.

There is Twin Bayous #1, this is where Mihai and Katherine grew-up.

Then there is Twin Bayous #2 where Mihai and Katherine went to after they escaped from Universe-4.

Twin Bayous #3 is where I went when I was hired by Sheriff Sawyer to investigate the disappearance of twenty Sims.

I told Mihai that now in Twin Bayous #4, which seems to be an almost clone of TB#3, there lives a Michael Dutranoy (not Dutranoit) and a Raquel LeFey. I told him: “They were in different generations and as far as I know they were never in any sort of relationship. Like your actual mother, she is a hybrid witch/vampire and can be very mean if you cross her.” (I did not mention that I think that I might have slept with her.)

“And now,” I said with a laugh, “I suppose that there must be Twin Bayous #5, although I never got a chance to visit there before my unfortunate demise.”

Mihai asked me once more to please speak to Wendy about helping him restore his powers. Again, he stressed that he needed to find a way to bring Katherine home.

He said that in the meantime he was going to drive down to Twin Bayous and have a look around. I told him that he could certainly try but that he may find that the highway is blocked.

We spent the rest of the evening chilling on the couch…

…and watching The Bloodsucker Journals on the teevee.


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