The History of Twin Bayous: Stranger in an Even Stranger Land

Mihai did not know it, but when he went down to Twin Bayous, I went along for the ride. Just for the fun of it, I cloaked myself in complete invisibility. That is me in the front seat next to Mihail.

Our first stop was the motel on the beach…

…and then in the morning we had breakfast at the pier.

So as not to tip him off to my presence, I ate inside the restaurant while Mihail ate outside.

After breakfast, we drove over to an out of the way area over by the criminal warehouse.

There was the fortune telling wagon where I guess that Michael Dutranoy worked – at least that is where he worked in the dimension that I came from. Mihail went to the door of the wagon, knocked, but go no answer.

He then went out Plantation Highway and headed for the old Dutranoit Plantation at the end of the road. To me everything looked the same. One would not guess that we were in a different dimension. Sort of like when one is sleeping and they do not know that they are dreaming.

We arrived at the Dutranoit plantation gate. Mihail rang the bell, but no one answered.

While Mihail waited outside the gate, it did not stop me from going through the gate and when I arrived just inside the front door, I pressed a button to activate the gate. However, I did not realize that Miss Raquel was outside on the grounds and she walk up to the gate just as it was opening.

She confused Mihail as being the new gardener and she greeted him by saying: “You must be Mr. So-and-so.” Mihail was either confused or clever enough not to correct her.

But then when she started discussing her garden and work she wanted done, he decided to confess to not being the gardener, but in turn he decided also to not tell the whole truth.

He told her that his name was Randy Remington and that he had come here from Moonshine Falls. He explained that he had taken a wrong turn somewhere and that he was looking for a fortune telling wagon that was supposed somewhere in the area, but he could not find it on any map.

Raquel seemed to actually believe his story and she even smiled as she gave him directions to the fortune telling wagon on the east side of town. It seemed to me that they were both up to something, but I did not yet know what that was.

Instead of going back to the fortune telling wagon, he stopped off at another place on the way back into town.

This was the old LeFey mansion where Michael and Jackie Dutranoy lived.

Michael invited Mihail inside and Mihail proceeded to tell the same cock-n-bull story about being lost, but only this time he was looking for Dutranoit Plantation.

Mr. Dutranoy apologized saying that he thought that Mr. LeFey was the man that he was expecting regarding a missing book and then he gave Mr. LeFey the directions to the Plantation that Mr. LeFey had just come from.

As we drove back to the motel (with me still invisible and still undetected), I cogitated what had just taken place and realized that three people were testing each other to see just how much the other knew. I believe that both Raquel LeFey and Michael Dutranoy recognized Mihail LeFey as being someone that they knew in a different time and place – in other words a long, lost son.

I believe that by now these were people who had learned that when one travels through time, they must take care not to upset the space-time continuum.

As it frequently does in Twin Bayous, it was raining heavily when we went back to the hotel that evening. I managed to turn on the television without Mihail’s attention and I learned that The Bloodsucker Journals is also seen on Twin Bayous. Only difference is that it comes on Tuesday nights instead of Saturdays.


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