Apology Post

As the title says, this is an apology post. I normally do not do this because I hate when other people make excuses for not posting. I think: ‘Why make excuses? Either do not post or perhaps do a humorous post of a pix you have leftover. ‘

Yet I feel bad for two reasons: One, because I was on such a roll for the past two months publishing a total of four posts a week, two each from two stories (THOTB and TBJ).

Secondly, when I looked at this site’s stats today I noticed that in the past two months there has been a nearly three-fold increase in the number of visitors to this site. The image below shows that in November and December each month had 560 visitors and in both January and February there have been 1300 visitors.

Not knowing what to attribute that to, it makes me feel bad that I have broken the chain that I had going of publishing every Wednesday and Saturday.

My excuse was that I recently started taking some new medication that severely upset my stomach. Also, it ruined my plans to go out of town for Prez-day weekend.

I stopped taking those meds two days ago and now I am starting to feel well enough to go back to work and, for that matter, back to play also.

I will see the doctor on Monday and we will figure out the med situation. In the meantime, I need to figure out this story situation. So, please stay-tuned and also be sure to check out the second site Simsplanations.


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