The History of Twin Bayous: Uninvited Visitors

A few days after Mihai arrived back at the trailer…

…a car pulled up and a bunch of people got out. It appeared to be two families: two moms, two dads, and a cluster of kids.

As soon as Mihai could quiet everyone down, he was able to ask who they were and what they were doing here.

One of the dads was the spokesman for the group.

He introduced himself and his wife as Cory and Jaycee Clemens-Viernes.

He explained that they and the other family, which he introduced as Allan and Karen Clemens, had driven up to Moonshine Falls from Twin Bayous.

And that they were interested in moving here and were asking Mihail if he knew of any houses in town that were for rent.

Then Jaycee Clemens-Viernes asked Mihai: “Are you a real estate agent? You don’t look like a real estate agent?” Mihai thought the woman was little odd – beautiful, but odd.

After he gave the two families directions to Celia Ringwald’s office, Mihai pulled out his phone and sent me a text asking to see me as soon as possible.

Yet at that very moment I was a little too busy to respond to his text.

While he waited for me, I hope that he caught up on the latest episode of The Bloodsucker Journals.


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