The History of Twin Bayous: Remembrance of Things Past

(Some how my numbering got messed up.
8.21 is not missing. So, do no not bother trying to find it.)

Celebrating post #400!

I did not bother to ask Wendy about the families that had come up from Twin Bayous. It did not seem to matter and it was probably part of her greater scheme that I would learn all about sooner or later. Right now, I was focused on another matter of importance.

And it was more than just the delicious tacos I bought every day from Tia Victoria’s Taco truck…

What I had in mind was for Wendy to cast a new spell on the magical chifforobe in the elixir shop. I wanted her to make it so that Mihail could retrieve his family and bring them to this dimension. Then the more I thought about it, I realized that it was easier said than done. It would require one hell of a special spell to make the portal be not random in where it went.

Before I had the chance to suggest that she do this, I realize that she did not have the necessary ingredients for the spell.

I searched around town for the ingredients

When I asked the mountain woman at Wendy’s shop about ingredients that I needed, she suggested that I look in Twin Bayous. That is when I remembered the chest that I had hidden on Liberty Cay in Twin Bayous. That chest, if it existed in this dimension, would contain the goods that I had stolen from the home of Michael Dutranoy.

“Other dimension” was a key phrase, but I knew that we would not know anything until we actually went and had a look. I am saying “we” because I was going to need some one’s help in this endeavor.

So, I asked Mihai LeFey to meet me in front of the Talking Ass Bookstore on Main Street.

With me being a ghost, it would appear as if Mihai was talking to himself and I just thought that was funny as hell. (*Thirty years ago, people did not walk around looking like they were talking to themselves)

I told him that Wendy was a powerful witch and I explained. to him that we could help him bring Katherine and his children to this dimension, but that he must help us first.

Mihai looked at me blankly and asked “What children?”

I apologized to him and told him I was getting my time lines all mixed up. Then I explained to how I came to have hidden a large chest filled with all sorts of goodies on a small cay off the coast of Twin Bayous. (See season seven – episode 25). I needed him to find that chest and bring it back to Moonshine Falls.

Mihai asks me why I did not think of any of this before he made his first visit to Twin Bayous. I replied that I had been busy dealing with this “ghost thing” and then I reminded him of the green vase that sat in his family’s library for 25 years. “Fair enough,” Mihai replied. (It seems that this is my new favorite excuse for everything… I have got this “ghost thing” going on.)

Mihai agreed to go, but insisted that he go alone this time. It still creeped him out that I was with him on his previous trip, but was invisible the entire time.

I agreed to let him go without me and it became something that I later came to regret…

While I waited back in Moonshine Falls, I caught up on the latest episode of The Bloodsucker’s Journal.


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