The History of Twin Bayous: You Can Boat on It

This time Mihail LeFey traveled alone to Twin Bayous and it was only after he returned that I learned about all that happened while he was there. That is, at least, what he told me happened.

After checking in at the Seaside Motel, he drove over to the Bistro Restaurant and ate dinner out on the patio overlooking the Appasimmacola Bayou.

Mihai said that he was mid-way through his meal when a number of people showed-up for a party on the patio.

Right away he recognized Raquel LeFey arguing with another woman. After a few minutes of listening in, he went over to tried and calm the situation.

He told me that as he approached, he overheard one woman say to the other: “She’s here! I am telling you that she is here in town. I saw her this morning. Jamie is here in town!”

Mihai said that he introduced himself to the ladies and the other woman turned out to be Carina Clemens. Despite what the song says, all my X’s do not live in Texas; they live in Twin Bayous, Louie-simiania.

He said that he hung out on the restaurant’s patio until at least after midnight and met some others.

He met Danielle Ringwald-Clemens and he was struck by how much she looks like his step-mother Ronnie Ringwald despite having red-hair. I explained to him later, that she and several other women in that town were descendants of another version of his step-mother. Someone who lived in the current dimension and the dimension that I had come from.

Today in Moonshine Falls, there is a younger version of Ronnie Ringwald and Wendy occasionally hires her to babysit little Jimmy. I bet she would flip out if she knew that a ghost sits beside her on some days and watches as she plays video games. I can be creepy like that.

He said that he and Danielle discovered that they had at least one trait in common and that they were both avid fishermen.

Realizing that he needed some way of getting over to Liberty Cay where I had hidden the chest, he asked Danielle if she knew where he could rent a boat. Remarkably she immediately offered to let him borrow her fishing boat.

Right there on the spot she gave a near stranger the keys and directions to where her fishing boat was docked.

Amazed by her generosity, he thanked her and excused himself, saying that he wanted to get a few hours of sleep before getting out on the water.

As he was leaving, one of the partiers started playing a guitar. It sounded as if the party was not ending any time soon.

Back at the hotel, Mihail said that he turned on the television and fell asleep while watching an episode of The Bloodsucker Journals.


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