The History of Twin Bayous: Do as I Say

This is a continuation of what Mihail told me about his second trip to Twin Bayous.

The previous night, Mihail had dinner on the patio at the Bistro restaurant in Twin Bayous.

Danielle Ringwald-Clemens had given him the keys to a fishing boat and very early in the morning, Mihail set out to find the boat and navigate over to Liberty Cay.

Liberty Cay, a state park, is located off the northwest corner of the main island. It got the name Liberty because during the Simville War, slaves owned by Henri Dutranoit were sheltered here when Union forces took over Twin Bayous in 1862. Most of the freed slaves were removed from the island and taken to New Orleans. Some remained. For example, the families of Victoria Lincoln and Knut Stoney.

Mihail went to the place where Danielle told him that her boat was docked.

Mihail decided not take the large fishing boat, but elected instead to take the smaller dinghy.

It was still dark when he set out and remarkable he had little trouble navigating the twist and turns of the bayous of Twin Bayous.

He did however complain to me about the humidity down there.

He arrived at Liberty Cay just as the sun was rising. He went to the place where I had told him that I hid the chest containing all of the treasures that I and Jamie had discovered in China.

When he first arrived, it was still too dark.

So, he lit a fire and waited until it got lighter.

I had hidden the chest in the tall grasses growing behind the outhouses. Mihai said that he searched all over the island that is Liberty Cay and even broke into the lighthouse and searched there. The chest was nowhere to be found. Not being able to get any sort of signal, Mihai could not contact me by cell or Wi-Fi.

Having been up all night he went to relax in the hot tub before deciding what next to. As he lounged in the tub, his mind drifted back to party on the restaurant patio. Suddenly, something that he had heard the night before startled him into sitting upright. “JAMIE!”

Mihai suddenly remembered overhearing Carina Clemens talking to Raquel. Carina had said something about seeing someone named “Jamie”. Mihai figured that this meant Jamie Stoney and my telling him that we once shared a small bungalow outside the gates of the town’s graveyard.

Mihai took the boat back to the marina.

Climbing back into his truck he drove over to the city cemetery and then drove around the block a couple of times before he finally spotted the tiny blue bungalow where Jamie probably still lived.

The neighborhood was very quiet and it did not appear that anyone was at home.

Mihail went around to the back and peered through the window. What he saw through the window convinced him that he was in the right place. He sat down with is laptop and began trying to get me on Skype.

He made contact with me on Skype and told me where he was. He told me about Jamie and he told what he saw through the window. I asked him to please avoid Jamie and if he did happen to speak to her, he must not tell her about me. Under no circumstances, I told him. However, he must do whatever he can to find the trunk and bring It to me. He asked if he could have the lamp and I told him “sure”.

Jamie Stoney, a former ghost and now my ex-girlfriend has a little problem with ADD and sometimes forgets what she is doing or where she is.

It just so happens that on this morning she had gone all the way into office and realized that she had forgotten something. She returned back to the bungalow while Mihail was sitting at the back of the house skyping me.

As he was behind the house, communicating with me via skype on his lap-top, he heard the sound of a car pulling up in front. He said goodbye just as a woman was coming around the back where he was.

It was Jamie. She said are you the “window treatments guy”? Mihai said that he was and then Jamie asked him inside.

She then led him inside the house.

They went to back of the house where Jamie wanted Mihai to measure the windows for blinds. That’s when Mihai verified what he had seen through the window – there was both the chest containing the collectibles from China and the magical lamp. Yet then what was he going to do? Hit her over the head and then steal the stuff? But before he had the chance to do or for that matter say anything, Jamie said “I know who you are and I know why you are here.”

And then she asked something that Mihai said struck him as very odd. She asked: “Where is he?” and then before he could answer, she said “Take me to him.”

Then even after I had told him in no uncertain terms that he must not bring Jamie to Moonshine Falls, they hopped into his truck, along with the chest and the lamp and drove to Moonshine Falls. (I knew that I should have gone.)

As this was happening on the other side of town, I was at home in the den watching another episode of The Bloodsucker Journals.


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