The History of Twin Bayous: Part One of a Two Part Season Finale

Within a few hours after Mihail and Jamie arrived back in Moonshine Falls, the town was hit by a freak, early Spring, snowstorm.

They were also hit by two other Twin Bayous families arriving at the fishing trailer and saying they were lost. First came Thomas Clemens, his wife Danielle Ringwald-Clemens, and their daughter. Mihail discretely returned the key to fishing boat and apologized for not doing so before he left town. As she was leaving, Danielle looked at Mihail and mouthed “call me”.

The next family to arrive was the family of Nicolas Stoney, Rebecca Clemens, and their children. The couple stayed for bit and put on a little show. Mihail thought that they were awful, but did not say anything when he saw how much fun Jamie was having.

He needed to give that to her because he had to prepare her for some bad news. I wanted him to tell her about my situation, before the two of us got together. At this point, Jamie was on an emotional high. So it was not going to be easy telling her.

She was so excited to be seeing me that she could not decide what to wear.

Since arriving at the trailer, Jamie had changed her clothes three times.

After she had settled down a bit, Mihail decided it was time that he tell her what had happened to me.

Mihail had no clue which was going to be worst for Jamie… the fact that I was married to someone else or that I was dead.

Yet somehow Jamie had managed to take control of the conservation. It was her ADD that was doing that.

Then Mihai managed to change the topic (sort of) by saying something that could be easily misunderstood: “There is something that I have been wanting to tell you…”

And at that point, Jamie acted as if Mihai was coming on to her.

Mihail decided to take another approach. He told Jamie to have a seat as there was a story that he wanted to tell her. For effect, he pulled out a flashlight.

Mihail then proceeded to tell Jamie as fairly intense story.

But unfortunately, the story had absolutely nothing to do with me. When he was finished with the story, (which he later explained to me was an icebreaker), Mihai blurted out that I was dead, that I was now a ghost and that I was married to a blonde witch and had a kid.

He then went and locked himself in the bathroom with his IPad and earbuds.

When things got quiet, Mihail came out and found that Jamie had calmed down a bit.

They ate dinner on the sofa.

…and while they ate, they watched a couple of episodes of The Bloodsucker Journals. Jamie remarked that this was her new favorite show.

That night, Jamie was too upset to sleep.

The next morning, I asked Mihai to bring Jamie over to the theatre in town.

They spent the entire day waiting for me to show up.

While waiting, they built an igloo.

At one point I did show up, but then I chickened out and left.

They both were getting hungry so they left the theatre and they went to the Bowl-a-Rama.

Mihail said that he tried calling me repeatedly.

The good news was that Jamie was no longer upset over my death.

She was now upset because I was a no-show: “Hey, where the frick is this asshole!” she shouted so that everyone in the joint could hear her.


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