The History of Twin Bayous: Part Two of a Two Part Season Finale

As quickly as it came, the freak, early spring, snowstorm was gone. Within 48 hours all the snow was gone. The temperature had gone from highs in the low 40’s to now highs in the mid-to-upper 70s.

Wendy took a well-deserved day off and told me that she was going to sit in the park and watch the children play.

At least that is where she started off…

…She did not know it (or least that is what I believed), but I followed her as she went around the town performing a very strange ritual. She went first to the old water tower besides the fortune telling wagon and cast a spell there.

Then to the river just above the falls and performed the ritual there.

Finally, she went to the town’s water tower and cast a spell upon it.

She was casting a magical spell on the town’s water supply, but why?

There was no time for me to try and solve that mystery as I had invited Mihail and Jamie over so that the four of us could sort things out.

So, I followed Wendy back to the house and we arrived just as those two were arriving.

The four of us sat around the dining room table and as soon as we were all seated Wendy began her story.

She started out by telling us that that the town of Moonshine Falls is hereby officially sealed off from the rest of the world.

She explained that the seemingly random families that have recently arrived in town are not random at all. She called them The Select and said she had compelled them to come here for a purpose – a purpose that would be revealed over time.

She went deeper…

A few years ago, shortly after she arrived in Angel City, Wendy had discovered a book titled The History of Twin Bayous and she was amazed that the book described seven core families in that town that bore the same last names as the families that she grew up with in the town of Moonshine Falls. But there was one exception, the history of Twin Bayous listed eight families. There was one family in Twin Bayous that did not exist in Moonshine Falls. It was the LeFey family. Wendy thought about it and fantasized about being the matriarch of this new LeFey family…

When she first arrived in Angel City she wanted to go into acting and she auditioned for many parts, but she only got one part and that was for the role of Saturn Girl in a pilot for the WB network that, unfortunately, was never shot.

She became a big fan of Elvira Richland whose TV persona reminded her of the Raquel LeFey character from “The History of Twin Bayous”. When Ms. Richland offered Wendy a job as her personal assistant, Wendy took it – adoringly.

She said that she never realized that Twin Bayous was an actual real place that existed in the state of Louisimania until after she heard that Ms. Richland was negotiating to buy the mysterious “Claviculu Rachela”

Then Wendy revealed what until now had been a closely guarded secret… that there might be multiple universes or dimensions, but there was only one “book” – grimoire, clavicula, call it what you want – only one and it could do one of three things – either nothing if it lay hidden and dormant or could be used for good or evil. She then thanked me and Jamie for causing the book to come into the present dimension and making it possible for her to possess the book.

Wendy said: “I have a plan and my plan is to use the book for the greater good of mankind. I have come too far in making this a reality and cannot allow anyone to get into my way. Mihail and Jamie… at first I thought that when you two came here, it was going to be a problem…”

Then she said that she now realizes that something weird and awesome is going on in the world. She realizes that the universe that she lives in has merged with other universes.

“This must have been caused when Dobbs and Mihail both entered this universe from the Source at the same time,” Wendy explained.

Wendy turned to Mihail and said: “I am sorry, Mr. LeFey, but I believe that Katherine was lost when Dobbs stepped into the portal. He must have “bumped” into her and in effect replaced her in the transition stream. We need to considered this to be a strong possibility, but I will still do whatever I can to help you.”

Mihail protested: “No, wait! You have it wrong! I did not come here from the Source like Mr. Dobbs. I came here from Universe-4. Katherine, was not with me when I entered a portal through a tree in Willow Creek. Katherine is still alive and I just need a way of getting to her.”

“I hope that we can figure this out.” replied Wendy.

“What about me?” asked Jamie.

“I don’t know,” Wendy shook her head. “The question is: Which Jamie are you? The one from the same dimension as Dobbs or the one from this dimension.”

I stepped in and made known my thoughts on this subject: “I think that Jamie is the one from the same dimension as I came from. She is the only one from Twin Bayous who knows of Dobbs James Dobbs. Plus Mihail told me that he heard Carina say that Jamie was back in town. She did not say anything about Jamie having suddenly come back to life. In my dimension, Carina knew that Jamie was dead. She learned that years ago, from Mike Dutranoy. In this dimension, folks are saying that ‘she is back’ from somewhere, but they don’t say anything at all about her being back from the dead.

The response to my well thought out argument was *CRICKETS*. So, I thought this was a perfect time for me to say what I had been wanting to say all this time, “Jamie, I am so sorry that things did not work out for us, but…”

There was more that I wanted to say, yet I was cut-off by Jamie,

“Dobbs don’t say another word. I was angry with you for abandoning me in France, but now I am beginning see that fate has played a part in all this and after all that I have been through I sure the hell am not going to argue with fate.”

She then added: “I am sorry that you are dead and trust me I know exactly what you are going through. I just want to add one other thing… I believe I am here for a reason and I plan to see it through. Mr. LeFey, I will help you find Katherine.”

Wendy: “I, too, am a believer in fate and as such I cannot let either of you leave this town. I did not plan on this, but we must all make the best of things.”

Jamie: “So where the hell am I supposed to live. I cannot expect Mr. LeFey to continue sleeping on his couch.”

Mihail: “Yeah and that trailer that we are in is great for a weekend fishing trip in the fall, but it is cold as ice in the winter and I can imagine it is not too comfortable in the middle of July.”

Dobbs: “You both are welcome to stay here. We do have extra rooms including…”

Once again I was cut-off, this time by Wendy: “OR I could arrange for or otherwise compel my ‘frenemy’, Celia Ringwald, to find you both a couple of nice rentals for rent-free.”

Jamie: “You know something Wendy, I haven’t yet exactly decided whether I like you or for that matter any of you. So, I think maybe you should talk to your frenemy Celia about finding me a nice comfortable singles apartment.”

I could not tell from Jamie’s tone if she was being snarky or angry or what. All, I know is that Wendy had literally sealed everyone’s fate and this was only just the beginning of a multi-generational tale of epic proportions.



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