The History of Twin Bayous: A Deadman’s Dream

It was like something out of a rom-com: she was an actress pretending to be a waitress and I was a writer pretending to be private detective.

The dream took place in a fictional city called Los Angeles, California that looked very much like Angel City, Simfornia.

The owner of a security agency on Sunset boulevard was letting me hang around as long as I promised not to get in the way and not to talk to the clients.

Yet when she walked in, legs and all, I could not help myself.

The office was a-buzz with activity and I, crazily, suggested to her that we go someplace quiet to talk.

Luckily no one saw us leaving, for what happened next makes for a really good story (and a great dream).

She had an almost unpronounceable name, Delia Malabuyo and I am not sure if I have spelled it way that she did. However, it does not matter because, the name was fake. Her real name was Brianna Marlborough. Of course, I did not know that at the time.

She suggested that we meet at the place where she worked. It was one of those kinds of places where you have to dress-up. I told her that I couldn’t afford it and she said that neither could she, but they would comp us.

She was right, everyone here knew who she was and they treated her like she was royalty.

She said that she would do the same for them.

Brianna/Delia told me that she suspected that her husband was having an affair with another woman and she wanted to hire a detective to find out if it was true or not. She added that she could not afford to pay me very much.

Playing along, I told her that she was in luck because today was “Freebie Friday” and that my boss had directed that I was do her case for free.

She told me that she and her husband did not make much money and that they lived in a rundown little stucco house in Gardena.

So, I took her case and my plan was to actually go out and snoop around to see what I could dig up on her husband.

At first, I thought of doing something really awful and that was to lie to her and tell her that her husband was cheating on her.

But I discovered that the man was leading some kind of double life and that was actually cheating on her with some D-list celebrity.

I, of course, was confused, because that D-list celeb was the actual Brianna whose real fake-name was Brianna Marlborough. But what she then discovered was that her husband was having an actual affair – not with another woman – but with a man.

As it turned out, he was gay and their marriage was a sham.

The house in Gardena was where he and his boyfriend shacked up.

Brianna was very upset and I did not need to upset her any further.

That is when I figured I had better come clean before she found out that I was lying to her.

I confessed to being a writer pretending to be a private detective and to my relief she confessed that she too was pretending to be someone else.

She was an actress and she was trying to get into the next role that she would be playing – that of a poor waitress who wants to hire a private detective to investigate her cheating spouse.

Brianna revealed to me that not only was she not a poor waitress, she was a very wealthy woman who owned houses in different places.

She owned a beach house in Malibu.

She also owned a condo in San Francisco…

We would go up there to fish in the bay and the chilly weather never bothered us.

In Las Vegas, she owned a house on a golf course.

We would go up there to lounge around and go clubbing and gambling at night.

Then off the coast of Baja Mexico on the island of Cedros, she owned a home on a tiny island.

She owned a popular resort called “Brianna’s”

And off the coast of the main island, she owned an old Spanish fortress built in 1802.

We fell in love… I asked her to marry me…

Then we spent the next dozen or so years bouncing around between different places and the whole time this was going on, I had no clue that I was a ghost who was having a really sweet dream.

My clue should have been that occasionally Brianna and I would ride around in her UFO. It all makes no sense now, but in the dream, it all made perfect sense.


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