The History of Twin Bayous: Hey, Where’d You Go?

When living people go to sleep, they can normally be found in a bed or on a couch somewhere.

But when a ghost goes into hibernation, they disappear without a trace. This is what happened to me on New Year’s Day 1981. At the stroke of midnight, I just disappeared and of course this was very traumatic for my wife Wendy when she learned of it the next day. That night, she did not feel like partying and she had gone to bed earlier.

On the other hand, I was asked out by Mihail LeFey and Jamie Stoney to go with them to the Bowl-A-Rama.

We went there to have a few drinks, shoot some pool and to hopefully have an enjoyable time.

I do not remember much of that night as now it was 12 years ago, but what is vaguely remembered by some is that right around midnight Mihail had walked away from Jamie and me to go over and talk to Danielle Ringwald-Clemens.

Jamie said that she was talking to me…

…and that she was looking right at me…

…when suddenly I just disappeared.

From what Jamie remembers there were no famous last words from me.

She did not even remember what it was that we were talking about.

Also, she did not know what to do: Where did Dobbs go? Was it something I said. Was he just being rude? Or was this some kind of a prank?

The next morning Jamie and Mihail had to try and explain the unexplainable to a rather distraught and confused Wendy Dobbs.

Until that time, Wendy and Jamie were not much in the way of friends and now my disappearance caused a major rift between the two.

Mihail tried to intercede, but this only caused Wendy to accuse the two of them of being somehow involved in my disappearance.

Wendy’s last words to Mihail and Jamie were “Leave me alone, I have work to do.” and from then on, she did not speak to Mihail or Jamie for a very long time.

As this was not the sort of thing that one could report to the police. What would have been the report? A ghost has disappeared?

After a while, and through some studying on her part, Wendy determined that I must have gone into hibernation. Apparently, it is a thing that ghosts do and it is known as the Rip Van Winkle Syndrome.

Yet, still that was not in any way much comfort for Wendy and she continued to place blame on Jamie as though she, a former ghost herself, had somehow triggered my disappearance.

Meanwhile, not having a clue as to what was going on, I was having an enjoyable time on the Island of Cedros…

…with the lovely Brianna Marlborough – the girl of my dreams…


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