The History of Twin Bayous: Happy New Year, Baby!

Jamie Stoney was not as sad and lonely as some folks in town thought that she was. She was actually fun to be around.

She, just like everyone else in town, was a prisoner of Wendy Dobbs, but Jamie and her friend Mihail LeFey had certain privileges all because they knew too much.

And although, she was a little bit lonely, she was not sad. She had a job from which she realized a great deal of satisfaction.

She was an executive producer and the head writer for the long running and very successful TV show: “The Bloodsucker Journals“. It was an animated series that was now about to begin its tenth season.

Tonight, was New Year’s Eve and Jamie did as she had done the past 12 years, she went to Bowl-A-Rama in Moonshine Falls to hang-out with others who lived in the town.

Her hope was that she would not get too drunk, that she would have an enjoyable time, and that she would make it home safely.

Jamie felt that despite her situation, she was doing quite well for a woman who had just turned 87 years old. (Ed. – For an explanation see s2/ep17 and s4/ep17)

She had few friends and those that she did trust were hopefully going to see to that part about getting her home safely.

However, for the part about not having too much to drink, Jamie perhaps should have had more to eat for dinner.

It was getting close to midnight and Jamie decided that the Bowl-A-Rama was getting to be a little too crowded and stuffy, so she decided to go outside for some fresh air.

So far, winter was starting out to be mild and since Snowflake Day there had not been a single snowflake seen in Moonshine Falls.

Jamie went down the stairs and then suddenly decided to go to her car. Her OCD coupled with ADD, made her wonder if she left the dome light on.

Just as she got to her car, she thought that she heard someone walking behind her.

Out of the corner of her eye, she thought that she saw a man wearing a white dinner jacket. Should she go back inside or run to her car?

Then the man was gone and she worried that she had too much to drink and that too many Simsmapolitans were making her see things.

Then she heard my voice as I asked her: “Hey Jamie, are you okay to drive?”


I was slightly disoriented. A moment ago, I was taking a nap beside a swimming pool at the Dos Zorros Resort in Santa Barbara and now suddenly I here I was standing in the parking lot of a building in a town I have only a vague recollection of.

Now I was wondering what was I doing here? What was Jamie Stoney doing here?

“Jamie? Jamie Stoney? Is that you?”. I questioned.

Jamie recognized me and squealed with joy as she hugged me, “Oh, Dobbs! It is you! You scared the heck out of me!”

“You have come back and you are still alive! Wendy and Jimmy will be so glad when they find out that not only are you back, but that you are actually alive! Where have you been?”

It took me a while to understand what was happening, but slowly it all started to come back me.

Before now (whatever ‘now’ is), I had been a ghost living in a town called Moonshine Falls. I had been murdered by a corrupt cop named Joe Monday who had been hunting me because of book that had been “stolen” by a woman named Wendy Dawson.

Wendy and I were married and we had a little boy named Jimmy.

Wendy had great and mysterious plans regarding the magical book that we had found on trip that we made to Egypt.

Mihail LeFey, a stranger from another dimension, had come to Moonshine Falls because of something that I had done to disturb the “barriers” that separate the many dimensions or multiverses. Then he began disturbing the citizens of MF until I stepped in and introduced myself.

When arriving here he had lost his fiancé, Katherine Gilliland. The theory was that I somehow bumped Katherine out of the way and there were no clues as to where she was.

Jamie Stoney was my ex-girlfriend. I had left her in France when I had returned to Twin Bayous. She had tricked me into taking her out of TB and I had left her partly because I was upset for what she had done, but also, I wanted to protect her from possibly being arrested and jailed for what she had done. (I later found out that she had actually not done anything. Which goes to show you how well I listen).

The original plan was that I was going to go back to TB and try and get us both off the hook, but thanks to Jamie’s ex-boyfriend, Sawyer Clemens, things worked out differently.

When I went back to Twin Bayous, I was forgiven for stealing a boat, but I was made to work off my “debt to society” by continuing an investigation started by the now deceased Sheriff Clemens.

The investigation led me straight to the doorstep of the Plantation Dutranoit, the home of Raquel Lefey.

I should have known better than to tangle with her. Raquel was dangerous and every time I had become involved with her, I found myself in trouble. So much trouble, that I would lose my mind and forget who I was or what I was doing.

The last time I tangled with Raquel, I wound up in another dimension and that is the dimension that I was standing in now face to face with Jamie Stoney. I thought that Jamie hated me, but right now she seemed very happy to see me.

She told me that is was too early in the morning and that we should wait a few hours before going home and seeing Wendy.

I agreed and I said maybe it would be best if we went somewhere and Jamie could tell me what had happened during my 12-year(?!!?) absence.

Before she started out, I asked for a confirmation on the current date and time and Jamie confirmed for me that it was now half-past midnight on the 1st January 1992 (AS). The same day as when I was moments ago in a fictional place called “Cali-for-nia”.


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