The History of Twin Bayous: The Affair of Mihail LeFey

Jamie and I went to the Brew Awakenings Coffee Shop on Chicory Street. It was still very early in the morning and I wanted to talk before going home. I was hoping that Jamie could fill me in on all that happened during my 12-year absence.

Jamie proceeded to tell me the current state of affairs in Moonshine Falls.

“Wendy and Jimmy are doing very well. Wendy misses you very much and spends most of her time involved with the school that she has created to teach witchcraft to a select group of students.”

“She and Jimmy moved into the old Ringwald mansion after she finally convinced Celia to sell it to her.”

“Jimmy is now a teenager and he is a very smart and handsome little boy.” Jamie corrected herself and she said, “I mean to say ‘young man’.”

“We became very close while he was growing up. He hated not having a father around and I had become a kind of a big sister to him.”

“And now he seems to have something of a crush on me. We like to horse-around.”

“He does want to hug me every chance that he gets.”

“And when he does or says something inappropriate, I let him know about it and make him apologize.”

“For a long time now, Wendy has allowed Mihail and myself to live in the mansion, but she almost kicked out Mihail out for something that he did.”

Before I could react to what she said, Jamie must have read my thoughts and she assured me that whatever Mihail did, it did not involve Wendy.

“Did he give up on finding Katherine?” I asked with grimace.

“No, he did not give up. He did in fact find her, but it was rather messy for a while and Wendy almost kicked him out of the mansion because she thought that Mihail was having an affair with a married woman in town.”

“Was he?” I asked.

“Yes and no,” was Jamie’s response and she made a funny face.

Jamie then proceeded to tell me the story of “The Affair of Mihail LeFey”.

“You may remember the young families that came to Moonshine Falls from Twin Bayous. These were families who were brought here by Wendy. I will let Wendy explain to you why she brought those families here when you see her.”

“Anyway, one of the families was the household of Thomas Clemens, his wife Danielle Ringwald-Clemens, and their children.”

“It was not too long after you disappeared that I began to notice that Mihail was sneaking around and I figured out that he was, in fact, having an affair with Danielle Ringwald-Clemens.”

“The problem was that Danielle was not only one person. Her body was hosting two personalities. She had started out her life as Danielle, sister of Desiree Ringwald-Clemens.” (see THOTB-5.24 and THOTB-6.2).

“Yet when you somehow caused two dimensions to “bump” into each other it was kind like of two soap bubbles eventually becoming one. Over time, Danielle Ringwald-Clemens also “became” Katherine Gilliland.

“The combining of the two personalities was slow at first and it was like two swimmers in the ocean fighting so only one of them is above the surface and the other is submerged. Danielle became the submerged one and Katherine floated to the surface.

It happened one stormy night when Danielle came to the mansion asked me if she could stay in one of the spare bedrooms. She said that her husband had struck her and since she could not leave town, she needed a place to stay.

I asked Wendy and she said that by all means Danielle should stay as long as she wants. During the night she underwent a change in appearance.

Later that night, she and Mihail were “caught” in Mihail’s room. How Wendy knew what was going on is anyone’s guess, but they were “found out” and she wanted to kick them out.

“Danielle” insisted that she was Katherine. She convinced Mihail and I believed her also. So, Wendy has allowed them to stay in the mansion.

Needless, to say the divorce was very messy with Thomas wanting to have his wife committed to the sanitarium. Yet when it was revealed that he had accused her once before of cheating on him and that in the past she had used fairy dust it was ruled that she was sane and the divorce was granted.

Wanting to maintain the peace, Wendy allowed Thomas to leave town. Their daughter, Joni, and son, Jack, however did not leave town and they went to live with their cousins – Melody and Harmony, the daughters of Cory and Jaycee Clemens-Viernes. Joni Ringwald-Clemens has some of Danielle’s bad traits.

“Now those children are teens and they are living in the mansion and attending the school that Wendy founded.”

“We should probably go. Everyone should be awake now.”


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