The History of Twin Bayous: Wings and All, Y’all

Hi y’all! Lori Clemens here again with an update on that little project that Lady Wendy gave me to do. Well, I am sorry to report, but I messed up big time.

Lady Wendy saw the You-tube video that I made and after she let out a gasp of frustration, she told me that it was way, way too much info.

But, she did thank me for letting her know about the kids who are breaking the rule against dating townies.

Finally, she told me to start all over again to leave out any discussion about who-likes-who and to keep my opinions to myself.

On top of that, it has been a strange couple of days here at Lady Wendy’s School of the Mystical Sciences.

I don’t want to believe it, but I think that my video was somehow leaked out, because some of the kids are acting strangely towards me and some unusual things have been going on.

It is spring-time here in Moonshine Falls and… (Wait, that sounds stupid, because it is spring-time everywhere. Duh!)… (I keep doing that. Now I am going to have to edit this one, too!)… Any who, it is spring-time and that means that this week at Lady Wendy’s School of the Mystical Sciences, it’s Gathering Week. Yay!

I have been going to school here for nine years (since first grade) and still get excited every year for the activities of Gathering Week. It is a combination of learning and games.

Yet, something did happen that will make this Gathering Week more memorable that all previous Gathering Weeks. Let me tell you what happened…

It was on Monday morning. Monday was “Gem Day”. Lady Wendy had spilt us up into teams of three people. I, Moo, and Melody were on one team.

Each team was given the name and description of a specific gem that their team was to search all over the valley and find it, if they could. Yet Lady Wendy gave our team a special assignment and this got Melody terribly excited as she anticipated Lady Wendy’s special assignment.

Moo stepped up and exclaimed: “I’ll bet that I know what it is?”

Lady Wendy then said: “Okay, girls, now settle down. As you have probably guessed your special assignment is to find the elusive diamond-in-the-rough!”

With that we all started talking at once. Moo whispered to me and said, “I think ‘diamond-in-the-rough’ is a metaphor for something else.” Shaking my head at her, I mouthed “No, don’t say that.”

Moo and I headed out the door on our assignment and Mel lingered to asked Lady Wendy if she could take her picture. That’s so annoying, Melody has to take pictures of everyone and everything.

We headed out on our assignment, but not without some disagreement on which part of town we were headed for to search for the elusive ‘diamond-in-the-rough’. I thought that I was in charge and then when I said that, both of them laughed at me. Melody said that we were first going to the Night Owl Market to see if there were any kids hanging out there and so that is where we went.

It was too early in the morning. Kids normally hang out at the Night Owl in the evening before sunset.

Mel said “I heard that Jimmy Dobbs got in a fight behind the Night Owl with some guy.”

Then Moo says: “I saw him in the parking lot talking to that richie-rich townie, Xena Ringwald.”

Mel says: “No, he was talking to that churchie townie, Dawn Gentille. I heard she goes there to meet kids and talk to them about Jesus.”

I told them both to “SHUT UP! SHUT UP!” I did not believe a word of what they said about Jimmy Dobbs. He is not the sort of person that hangs out in the parking of a convenience store.

So now here we were standing in an empty parking lot when we were supposed to be doing our special assignment from Lady Wendy. So, I asked in my most snarky tone: “Oka-aaay, so what are we gonna do now?”

Not even acknowledging my presence, Moo pulled out her witchie-witch wand and started waving it around. “I’m hungry. I wants me some tacos!”, she said.

And poof! One of Tia Victoria’s finest taco trucks appeared from out of nowhere. That’s when I decided that I too wanted a taco.

While we were eating, Lady Wendy pulled up and went into the store. I guess she was checking to see if any kids were hanging out here.

We were lucky that she did not see us and I told Mel to hurry up and finish eating so we could go.

Mel thought it was funny to eat real slowly and make nom-nom noises. Moo screamed: “C’mon Mel! We’re gonna get caught.” While I shouted: “Moo, don’t scream so loud! She’s gonna hear us!”

We stopped on a slope at the bottom of the mountains. I was out of breath, but I told Mel that I did not think she was funny. Mel did not say anything, but she made a face and pulled out a magazine that she lifted from the Night Owl.

This is when Moo started acting all weird and stuff. She was mad at me about something else. She said: “Yeah, my brother IS dating that trashie townie, Colleen Clemens , but I don’t appreciate people gossiping about it.”

I thought: ‘Oh, that’s nice to know. NOT! But why is she even talking about that?”

That is when she all of sudden pulled out that magickal wand of hers and pointed it at me.

Then she zapped me with her wand…

…and she turned me into a fairy with cutest pair of wings I have ever seen.


I said: “Mel, look at my wings.” Not even looking up from her mag, she muttered : “Them wings ain’t gonna stop ’em from staring at your fat ass.”

“Ha!” I said to her as I flew off beside Moo, “I know my butt is not as big as yours, Bee-atch!”

We headed over to the bowling alley.

Mel ran behind us yelling: “Lady Wendy is gonna be pissed when she sees you got fairy wings. Both of you are gonna be in trouble.”

I will tell you guys the other stuff that happened this week in the next episode. Right now, I am too busy dancing with my new fairy wings.  Bye-bye for now!

Looking for something else to read? See “The Bloodsucker Journals” at Simplanations.


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