This History of Twin Bayous: One Summer Night

It was 3 AM and I was in my bedroom talking on the phone with the TBJ animation people over in Korea. There was a problem. I told them that it wasn’t my problem and that they needed to fix it.

After I got off the phone, I could not sleep so I went downstairs to the library to look for something to read.

I heard a noise, a cough, coming from the dining room, so I went across the foyer towards the dining room and I could see that Katherine was in there, sitting in a chair, and reading a book.

I was about to go into the dining room and say ‘hi’, but when I looked out the window, I saw someone who looked very much like Katherine standing on the front lawn.

What I saw really creeped me out. It sent shivers down my spine. Two Katherines!

When the outdoors Katherine came up the steps to the front door, I backed into the shadows by the staircase hoping that she would not see me.

The outdoor Katherine turned and went straight into the dining room.

I watched from the door and what I saw I could almost not believe. There was “Katherine” and facing her was “Katherine”.

Suddenly the shouting started. “Katherine” was accusing “Katherine” of being an imposter and stealing her husband.

“Katherine” was attempting a response but all she could do was mutter a lame excuse for having stolen the other woman’s husband.

“Katherine” was yelling for “Katherine” to shut-up and not say another word.

Then “Katherine” was shouting: “Where is he? Where is my husband? Where is Mihai?” I know that she was yelling loud enough to wake the entire house and it was only matter of seconds before others would be coming down the stairs.

For just a few seconds the two “Katherines” stood glaring at each other.

Then came Mihai walking through the doors to the dining room. The newly arrived Katherine had her back to him.

I imagine that she could not have believed her ears when she heard her husband’s voice asking this strange woman: “Babe, what’s going on here?”

Danielle did not answer. The charade was over.

Katherine turned to her husband and said: “Why don’t you tell me what is going here, BABE!”

Mihail was stunned by what he saw.

Mihail was completely confused. He must have been thinking: “If this is my wife, Katherine, then who have I been sleeping with for the past dozen years?”

Then Katherine, the one & only, exploded again: “What the hell is going on here?!!?”

“You are gone for 15 minutes and already you’re playing house with some bimbo!??!”

While Mihail and the real Katherine were busy in the dining room trying to sort out a paradox of time travel…

…Danielle was upstairs getting her ass chewed out by Lady Wendy.

Wendy was telling Danielle that she going to “open the gate” for her and that she was to leave Moonshine Falls before the sunset. Danielle was defiant and she was telling Wendy that she was staying.

That is when Wendy produced her magical wand and held it up where Danielle could clearly see it. Danielle repeated that she was staying; this time with a quiver in her voice.

That is when Lady Wendy began one of her magical chants and Danielle was now repeating: “No, please no.”

The sun had just come up, when Danielle strode out of the mansion dressed once more as “Katherine”. She was headed to the house where she once lived with her ex-husband and her children. She promised Wendy that she would be at the gate at sunset.

Mihail and Katherine were still in the dining room working things out. It seems that although, Mihail went inside that tree in Uni-4 and entered the portal to our world twelve years ago by our clock; by Katherine’s clock only 12 minutes had elapsed.

She was right behind her husband when he left the other Universe. To her it was a day, not a decade.

Lady Wendy was down in the sub-basement in her secret quarters.. She in was in consultation with that magic mirror of hers.

For some reason, Dobbs was completely oblivious to what was going on. I found him in front of the television set playing a video game.

I said “Hey” and he said “Hey”. I said, “I just wanted to say goodbye!”

I told him that I was leaving. That Wendy was going open the gate tonight for Danielle to leave and when she goes I am plan to be right behind her. I want to go to Twin Bayous and see my family. That is what is left of it. My little sister is 80 years old and I want to see her again before she dies.

Dobbs had a puzzled look on his face. “Gate? What gate?”

I had forgotten that a lot of things happened during the 12 years that Dobbs was in hibernation. I told him that when Danielle and her husband, Tom went through that nasty divorce, Wendy allowed Tom to leave Moonshine Falls.

It was at that time, she installed a magical portal on the banks of Lost Lake, just off the highway leading out of town. For the most part, it looks like an old, out-of-order phone booth, but when it is turned on by Wendy, it becomes a gate that leads directly to Twin Bayous.

At sunset, Wendy is going to activate the phone booth and open the gate that leads to Twin Bayous.

I am planning to go the lake and hide out there. When Danielle goes through the gate, I will be right behind her.

Dobbs said: “I am going too.”

I said: “What? What about Wendy and Jimmy?”

He said, “I am coming back. There is just something that I want to check on.”


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