The History of Twin Bayous: Never say Never

Following the ugly scene with Carina, Rochelle insisted that everyone have a good time and to not let Carina get anyone down. At 80 years of age, my sister was still the cute and funny little girl that she always was.

While I was busy reconnecting with my little sister…

…Dobbs was listening intently to a young woman who had approached him moments earlier asking if he remembered her.

At first, Dobbs had no clue as to who the woman was.

But then she reminded him of a Leisure Day weekend many years ago when Dobbs stayed at her house.

The young woman was my grand-niece, Karri Clemens, Carina’s daughter.

Dobbs told her that of course he remembered her; he just did not recognize her given that she was 7 years old the last time he had seen her.

Karri told Dobbs that she had a serious problem and that she hoped that he might be able to help her. She told him that she could not discuss it here and now, but asked if she could contact him in the near future, she would be grateful. Dobbs told Karri that he would be glad to help in any way that he could and then he gave her his cell phone number. I had never met Karri before today, so I had no clue as to what her problem was.

Rochelle’s party ended too soon and if I had known that this was to be the last time I would see my sister, I would not have left. I would have hugged her with all my strength and never let go.

The sun was setting and the moon was rising when we got back to the motel. I was too tired and too emotionally drained to do anything other than crawl into bed and sleep the entire night through until morning.

We had planned on leaving as soon as morning came, but I remembered there was something else that needed to be done…

…So, we went first to the diner at the end of the Main street pier.

We had breakfast and I almost choked on my pancakes.

I wanted to know from Dobbs when exactly he planned to ask Wendy for a divorce.

He responded that he was still thinking of what to say to her. I accepted that as an honest answer.

I wanted to believe that he was serious about his plan, but I was not going to get my hopes up only to have them come crashing down on me. So, I did not put any pressure on him and I kept my distance.

We left the diner and we had one more stop to make before returning to Moonshine Falls.

We went to the home of Huckleberry and Sheena Clemens. I had expected to have seen her yesterday, but she could not make it to Rochelle’s party. I brought my laptop to show her some pictures.

Sheena was the grandmother of four of the eight students in Lady Wendy’s school. By her daughter Becky, she was the grandmother of Dewezil and Moon-Unit (aka Moo) and by son Tom, she was the grandmother of Jack and Joni.

I had pictures of the all the kids going back to the first day of the first grade.

Sheena was very happy to know that her grandkids were doing so well in school. She was particularly proud of Moo for carrying on the long witchcraft tradition of her family that went back through Sheena’s paternal grandmother, Raquel LeFey to her great-grandmother, Morgan LeFey.

She told me that she was glad to see that I was alive once again and then she asked me if I had any ideas on what happened to “the book”. I lied to her and told her that I hadn’t a clue. Also, we did not discuss the “affair” involving her former daughter-in-law, Danielle.

When we returned to the motel, we prepared to go back to MF.

I went first…

…then Dobbs followed right behind me.

We arrived in a place where we both did not expect to be.

It did not take us very long to figure out where we were and Dobbs immediately began complaining that he knew that eventually “she” would make known that “she” was up to her old tricks once again.

Where we were, was in the basement beneath the barn of the old Dutranoit Plantation, the home of Raquel LeFey.

We went upstairs to look around for only a very brief period of time.

We did not want anyone to know that we had made this discovery – that another phone booth had been placed into the network. Dobbs speculated that it was an accident – a bug – that brought us to the Plantation.

We went back down to the phone booth in the basement…

…and we returned to Moonshine Falls.

Back in Moonshine Falls, I was wondering what exactly was Raquel LeFey up to and how soon we would find out.


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