Break Time!

Instead of writing an apology post as I have done in the past for being late, I am openly declaring this to be a mid-season break. Think of this more as a short “break for station identification”, rather than the lengthier breaks of the past.

As you know, Twin Bayous is located somewhere in the state of Louie-simiana in a dimension that is different from ours. I grew up in the deep south and there are places that I know and love that serve as an inspiration for the town of Twin Bayous. One of those places is the city of New Orleans.

I recently visited New Orleans and while there, we stayed uptown at a B&B a couple blocks off St Charles Ave.

In our room, there was this antique chifforobe.

A number of times I looked inside, hoping that maybe Miss Raquel had cast a spell upon it.

Yet unfortunately I did not see a bluish ball of light glowing in the cabinet.


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