This History of Twin Bayous: The Final Verdict

Hi y’all, Lori Clemens here again. Let me see, where was I?

Oh yeah, I was telling y’all about how me and my friends, Moo and Mel, were plotting revenge against not one, but two boys – one boy at our school and another who lives in town.

First of all, I want y’all to forget about the toadification of Chad Gentille. Contrary to the wondrous dream that I had on Sunday night… that did not happen in real life.

Also forget about me being super-super happy and dancing like a dancing fool.

I am not a happy, tinkerbellie, disney-fairy, whatever. Read on and find out why…

Here is what really happened…

After breakfast both Mel and Moo tried to have a conversation with Jack about what happened between him and me.

First Moo talked to Jack, and then Mel had words with the boy.

He was telling lies out both sides of his mouth. He claimed that he never asked me to go steady. He claims that he merely asked me out to see a movie and that I answered “maybe”.

He asked Moo: “What the heck kinda answer is that to tell someone who’s asked you out to see a movie: Maybe? The movie starts at 8 PM. The gull-dang movie ain’t gonna wait for someone to decide if they wanna see it!”

Jack went on with his lies: “The answer is either yes or no. We were standing in line at the coffee shop and almost as a joke, I turned around and I asked Dawn Gentille if she wanted to go a movie with me. She said “yes” and that was it. And by the way, she is not some weirdo like y’all think she is. She’s just different is all.”

Jack told Mel the exact same story that he told Moo. And from all that, any reasonable person can tell that he is nothing but a big, fat liar and therefore needs to be punished.

As for me, I am totally over him. Unlike other people, I can let stuff go, but we girls just cannot allow this kind of behavior to go unpunished.

So, the jury was now out on both Jack and Chad. Their fates have been doomed by we the jury.

The three of us went to the park to deliberate our next steps.

We were to have a double execution, but we were debating exactly what was to be punishment.

That is when Mel – that beautiful, beautiful Melody – came up with the answer:

“Lady Wendy has said that ‘No one will be turning anyone into a toad!’, but Moo didn’t you tell me the other day that you had a spell that could turn a boy into a dog? Remember how I joked: ‘How would you tell the difference?’ and we all laugh.

‘Yes!’ Moo jumped up and she screamed.

Now all me and Mel had to was to get them two boys to stand in one spot long enough for Moo to blast them with the dog-boy curse.

Once again, Mel came to the rescue with an answer… we would get them to join us in a friendly little water-balloon fight.

Getting the two boys to participate with us in a water-balloon contest was the easy part. When we told them it was boys against girls, both of them said simultaneously “Alright!!!”. Then they high-fived.

It was understood that Moo was to act as referee, but she stood behind the boys so that they could not see her as she began to work her magick.

Moo was attempting to cast the dog-boy curse on both Chad and Jack at the same time, but as she told Mel and me later she was having doubts as she went along as to whether a double-whammy would work. She pointed out that having doubts while spellcasting is almost always guaranteed to cause the curse to collapse or to backfire.

Since her recent encounter with Chad was still burning in the back of her mind, she decided that he would be the prime target of her curse.

But at the very last minute, Moo said that she thought of me and how this all started with what Jack Ringwald-Clemens had done to me.

Pivoting, Moo turned her attention towards Jackie-boy and now she fully concentrated on how he had slighted me – her bestie. Now in a strong and clear voice she cranked up the volume on the curse’s incantation.

Moo was moving in for the kill and it was at this point that time seemed to stop and everything was going down in slow motion. I could not watch what was happening to Jack and so I concentrated my gaze on Chadrick with his dreamy blue eyes and his golden locks of hair.

After going on and on for what seemed like forever, Moo got to the point and hit Jack with the grand finale.

When it was over, Jack just stood there dumbstruck for about ten seconds.

Then the poor guy started screaming in agony. That was when I was starting to think that maybe we should not have done this, but it was too late now.

Jack was screaming: “It hurts! It hurts! Why does it hurt so much?”

I was hoping that Lady Wendy didn’t hear any of this.

Then a few seconds later, he was bathed in a fiery glow and he was crying about being on fire or something like that.

Boys! They’re such babies!

Moo stood by and watched, as we all did, but from her expression of sheer horror, I could tell that she was not expecting that her curse was going cause Jack so much pain and agony. She was obviously concerned, but whatta ya gonna do?

As soon as Jack’s transformation into a dog-boy was complete, Moo collapsed on to ground after having exerted a massive amount of magickal energy.

We all just stood around staring at Moo’s lifeless form on the ground and since we didn’t know what to do… well, we just did nothing. Now, I was hoping that Lady Wendy did hear what was happening.

Moo was only down on the ground for about two minutes and when she popped back up she look liked she was going to be okay.

Since Moo didn’t have it in her to change Chad Gentille into anything, I thought that I would give him a good dosing of fairy dust just to confuse him.

Then bathed in an aura of fairyness, awful Chadrick Gentille stared long and hard at me with those gorgeous blue-eyes of his and he said to me a very soft and almost sexy tone: “Sister, you have just made yourself a very powerful enemy. I would suggest that you hire yourself some bodyguards, because y’all are gonna need them.”

As for Jack, it was still too early to tell if he liked or hated his new look. IMHO it was an improvement!


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