THOTB- 9.17

The History of Twin Bayous – The Theory of Reality – Pt.1

Note: A clip show is an episode of a television series
that consists primarily of excerpts from previous episodes and that is what this is.
As always, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Dobbs and Wendy had just broken up. Yet when we all gathered in the library to listen to a presentation by Kathrine, Dobbs absent-mindedly sat next to his soon to be ex-wife.

Sitting in the back row, I leaned forward, tapped Dobbs on the shoulder and when I got his attention, I patted the seat next to mine. Dobbs said “Oh!” and then getting up…

…he came and sat next to me. All I can say is… He’d better not do that again…

Katherine was reading from a prepared text and I really wish that she had asked for my help, because her phrasing was really awkward and I would have happily punched it up for her. Other than for her weak beginning, I think she did a wonderful job and she gave me a number of ideas for storylines for TBJ. This was the first time that I noticed that Kathrine spoke with a very lovely and somewhat unique accent. I learned later that her native tongue is a ancient variation of Simlish that originated in Universe-2.

Katherine began as though she were telling us all a bedtime story: “Once upon a time, there was a place called Universe-1. It was a very primordial place with a hellish landscape in which the inhabitants could only face in one direction.”

“Although to the inhabitants, this was their home and they knew not of any other place.”

“And from this universe there formed a newer, much hipper universe that was designated with the number two. It was a universe where most people had horse-like faces with weirdly shaped noses.”

“And from that second universe, was formed our universe which we have designate as Universe-3.”

“Our universe is controlled by a construct known as the Source and now, you ask, what is the source?

“Twin Bayous and the dimension in which it exists is part of a network of simulated realities. The source of these realities is a meta-dimension known simply as “The Source”. The official name of this thing is ‘The Source of All Legacies’ and this thing is responsible for the generation of simulations that we perceive as reality”

“Beyond that definition, what exactly is “The Source” remains a mysterious. Its actual substance is perhaps beyond our comprehension and for now we will leave it at that.”

Kathrine erased the board and drew another diagram: “This Twins Bayous is also part of a series of experiments known as ‘legacies’ and these legacies result in the creation of multiple dimensions.”

“The Twin Bayous where Mihai was born, I have designate dimension-A”

“I have designated Dimension-B as the Twin Bayous where Jamie was born.”

“Sometime in the early 1950’s, Dimension-B started to fall apart…”

“…and finally in the late 1960’s, that dimension was completely destroyed…”

…and everyone was ‘ported’ to Dimension-C. A fact that is only known to a few very observant Sims.”

“Dobbs was born in Angel City in this Dimension-C in 1940 [AS] and…”

“…in 1979 he went to the Source through a portal in Dim-C – a portal created by Raquel LeFey. I will talk more about this woman later…”

…and then, at the Source, Dobbs went through another portal. From there he arrived in Dimension-D, where we all are right now.”

“I was born at the Source and occasionally the Source was used to represent the future and people could go there from the various dimensions to meet their ‘future descendants’.”

“I was a future descendant of a woman named Ronnie Ringwald and her boyfriend Ernest Gilliland, but my existence was jeopardized by a change in the past when that couple broke up without ever having any offspring.”

“I managed to escape from the Source. I left because I was curious to see my ancestors and also to see what the past was like. Yet, I only learned later that I very nearly ceased to exist and would have been annihilated had I remained there.”

“Originally, I was almost 25 years older than Mihail, but following one of my encounters with “aliens” from the Source I developed a condition that caused “time reversal” by which I began ageing backwards in time.”

“The effects of time reversal were stopped after Mihail’s father made a trip to a “future dimension” at The Source and did something to change the flow of time. At that point, Mihail and I were the same age.”

“Just like Dobbs and Jamie, I died – drowned accidentally while diving with Mihai in the Gulf of Simexico…”

“…and thanks to Mihail and a dusty old lamp I was brought back to life.”

“Shortly afterwards I was abducted and returned to the Source.”

“At some point, the Source had made a decision that they were going to shut down the 3.0 legacies and upgrade them to new version called 4.0. And things were looking awfully bleak for good old Uni-3.”

“Hence a newer universe was created and, by the way, it is being depicted very realistically in Jamie’s fictional, made-for-teevee universe. Good job, Jamie!”

“I smiled when Kathrine mentioned TBJ and this reminded me that I needed to get busy working on new episodes for season 11.”

To be continued…


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