The History of Twin Bayous – The Theory of Reality – Pt.2

Note: A clip show is an episode of a television series that consists primarily of excerpts
from previous episodes and that is what this is.
As always, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Kathrine was giving a presentation to the four other adult members of the school’s household. I was happy sit through this as it gave me some relief from this morning’s excitement when Dobbs made it known to Wendy that he wanted a divorce.

Wendy had told Dobbs and I that she wanted us to move out of the mansion. I had been living here for twelve years and knew very little about the Moonshine Falls housing market. I believed the house that Danielle and Thomas lived in must still be available. I planned to go and look at it as soon as Kathrine finished her presentation.

Being polite, I returned my attention to what Kathrine was saying…

“…It was from there, that Mihai and I found our way out of Universe-3 and into Universe-4.”

“I was okay there, but Mihai was not happy because he had lost his supernatural powers.”

“Now here is the part that I find the most fascinating. Why was it that our Universe-3 was not destroyed?”

“We owe that all to none other than Mihail’s mother, Raquel. Who, by the way, is living about 500 miles south of here in a big white plantation on the shores of the Gulf of Simexico.”

“Yes, that is correct. Mihail and I have determined that the woman who lives in your dimension-D, is same woman who gave birth to Mihail in our dimension-A.”

“What happened was that Raquel, being a very feisty young woman, decided that the destruction of Universe-3 was not going to happen and she started doing little things here and there to mess with the system.”

“Raquel by the way will be a hundred years old, this coming Spooky Day and Mihai and I plan to be there to wish her a very happy 100th birthday, although she does not look to be a year over 21.”

“Now, here is something further that we have learned about Raquel and her family, including her cousins and her descendants, and this includes all of the students in this school.”

“Raquel and her family belong to a select group of Sims who are known as the Oddballs. They are genetically mutated sims who came into direct contact with ‘The Source’.”

“The first Oddball to come into contact with the source was Morgan Dutranoit’s grandfather Henri Dutranoit. He became a vampire. None of his children were impacted until his granddaughter Morgan was born.”

“Occasionally Sims are plucked out of the simulation to be examined by the ministry of legacies to determine if they have been “polluted” by the Oddballs or to be given directives from the Ministry of Legacies. These directives are meant to try and affect the course of the simulation.”

“As I stated earlier, originally there was only the Source and one dimension.”

“Then for whatever reason the Source would abandon a dimension, leaving it incomplete, and new dimension would be started. These dimensions were given names such as ‘Story-1’, ‘Story-2’, etc.”

“As I said earlier, what we are calling dimension-A, the dimension where Mihai was born, was known to the Source as ‘Story-8‘”.

“For a long while, this structure which was entirely controlled by the source seemed to work flawlessly. That is until one day when someone traveled from their dimension to the Source and when they returned they accidentally went back to another dimension. When they did not return, “aliens” in UFOs were sent to retrieve them. The aliens also retrieve individuals for no apparent reason.”

“It happened to me. I believe it has happened to all five of us and to at least one student here at the school so far.”

“But what Raquel figured out was that it was possible to by-pass the source and to travel from one dimension to another without going through the source. What she also learned was that while most dimensions were parallel to each other, there was one other dimension that the source had created for the purpose of representing a person’s past.”

“What they did not realize what that this dimension when entered by a Sim could be used to manipulate the timelines in all other dimensions.”

“Raquel saw that travel to the past dimension could be used for the benefit of all Simkind.”

“She realized that when she traveled into the past and did something that would affect the future she was affecting the future of other dimensions. She discovered a very powerful tool that could be used for either good or bad.”

At this point Mihai jumped up and said: “My mother’s intent was always good.”

Kathrine nodded in agreement and then continued: “Yes indeed her intent was always good. However, there were a number of problems.”

“When she went from one dimension to another, she never had control of where and when she arrived. As she went from one dimension to another she was causing portals between dimensions to be opened up here and there.”

“Also with each change that she made, she may have affected the future in one dimension in a positive way, but negatively affected it in another dimension.”

“Entering a portal has always been a bit of a crap-shoot. So it was that when Mihail left Universe-4 through a portal hidden in a tree in the Willow Creek sector and he came to this place.”

“When Mihail entered the portal in Universe-4 the year was 1996 [AS] and he wound up here in Moonshine Falls in the year 1980 [AS]. When I entered that same portal a few minutes later (in the year 1996 [AS]), I got here this year, 1992 [AS]. Luckily, I came to the same dimension as Mihail did, albeit 12 years later.”

“But what is puzzling to me and to Mihail also, is: Why is it that I did not wind-up someplace else?

“And Dobbs, you told us that when you visited the Source, a dozen years ago, that in the history of Twin Bayous that you read, it placed Mihai and myself in an entirely different timeline where we went to college, married, and had children.”

Dobbs nodded in agreement and then said: “I even recall your daughter’s name. It was Brie.”

Kathrine replied: “Thank you, I actually did not want to know that, but that’s okay.”

Kathrine continued: “So, what has changed?” Kathrine asked, “What I think has happened is that Raquel has poked so many holes in all of the ‘dimensions’ / ‘legacies’ / ‘stories’ that I believe that everything has come together and become one dimension.”

“And why she is doing this?”

Wendy, who had been quiet the entire time, spoke up: “She’s looking for the book! And this is one reason why I have sealed off Moonshine Falls, to prevent Raquel from coming here and disrupting things.”

Mihail then spoke up: “You do know that she believes that the book belongs to her.”

Wendy’s response to that was: “That may be true for the dimension that she was born into, but she lost the book and I found it. There is an ancient law that states: ‘Finders keepers, Losers Weepers.'”

Mihail then said: “I am aware of that law. It was a law in my dimension also and I do not deny your right to the book, but…”

Wendy interrupted him: “…but you and everyone knows that I am graciously sharing what I have discovered specifically with the rightful heirs of your mother’s legacy. Two of my best students are Raquel’s great, great grandchildren, as are two other students in the school.”

Mihail did not argue with Wendy: “I agree and actually I was going to say that very same thing.”


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