The History of Twin Bayous – The Dating Scene – Pt. 2

Previously on THOTB…

Hi y’all! This here is Lori Clemens back again with the ‘rest of the story’!

The night before I had been out on this crazy “date” with a gangster townie named Tony Goombah.

He paid me 20 Simoleans to help him break into the three-story office building over on Main and Chicory. His dad was being blackmailed by Rev Gregg and Tony wanted to steal whatever it was the reverend had on his dad. He said that this little break-in would be much cleaner than burning down the building.

We had some fun and afterwards we sat down on the wet grass and we watched the sunrise.

After Tony left, I saw something that I had never seen before… in the lot behind the office building, there was this tall totem pole sticking out of the ground. It called to me, saying that it needed some “fairy luvin'”.

Wow! I was suddenly becoming a popular girl. I couldn’t say ‘no’ to the totem pole and I started sending good thoughts its way and before I knew it, the totem pole started to quiver really violently like something really big was about to happen.

And sure enough something really big did happen! It started raining daisies!

Thousands of flowers were falling from the sky. Instead of raindrops, it was raining pink, white, and yellow flowers!

On the other side of town, Mel was outside talking to Jack and my goofy brother Dmitri. She said that when it started raining flowers, she just thought it was a regular rain shower. She really wasn’t paying attention.

Moo said she didn’t notice it at all when it first started because she was still feeling a might poorly from the activity of the day before when she turned Jack into a dog-boy.

Even when she did realize that it was raining daisies, she wasn’t getting the happy vibe that this rare phenomenon is supposed to cause.

Moo decided that maybe by casting a happy charm on herself, she’d make it all better.

Moo cannot remember exactly, but now she thinks that she must have cast a love charm on herself. However, I insist that she can thank me for what happened to her later this most memorable of days.

Moo did not notice Jackie-boy going back into the house. She was focused on something really special going down right before her eyes.

Moo said that immediately she could sense that something was going on between my brother and Mel.

Moo walked up to them and she said that the expression on my brother’s face was goofier than it normally is.

Moo says she asked them: “Hey y’all, what’s going on?”

And Mel responded with: “Could you please leave us alone?”

Moo immediately sent me a text saying: “Mel & Dmitri! It’s happening!”

My hands were shaking as I replied: “OMG! OMW!”

I took a moment to thank the totem pole and then I was “on my way” home.

It was Dmitri, my goofy, costume-wearing brother and my 2nd BFF, Mel – I suspected that something was going on between the two of them and now it was actually happening.

Dmitri did not waste any time that morning in asking Mel out on a date.

And the two of them were out the door before I even had a chance to get back to the mansion.

The pair of them went bowling at the Bowl-a-Rama.

Mel says that they spent more time making out then they did bowling.

She says that they also sat and stared at each other while they weren’t making out.

When Mel told me that she didn’t realize until now how sexy my brother was, I thought I was going to throw up.

Then something else happened that was completely and totally unexpected. Something involving one of the boys seated at the table in the picture below. Hint: it did not involve Moo’s brother Dweezil. No, wait, something did happen with Dweezil, but that’s not the story that I want to tell.

When I got back to the house, it was still raining daisies outside and I asked Moo how she was feeling.

She said that she felt “OK”, but she did not know why the “happy” charm or the rain of flowers did not make her feel better. I suggested that she go back outside and enjoy the rain of flowers while it lasted. I added: “Please don’t eat the daisies, because they might be poisonous.”

Moo later told me what happened and I am still have trouble believing that it went down the way she said that it did.

It went like this: Jimmy Dawson-Dobbs was in the sunroom doing something on his laptop.

Moo walked out the door and Jimmy immediately stood-up.

Moo said that he walked over to her…

…and she said where normally he is so shy he wouldn’t even look her in the eye, their gazes met and …

…he gave her a kiss that seemed…

…to last…

…for about a minute and a half…

…then, she said, he held her hands in his hands and…

…then they just kind of rocked back and forth and smiled at each other.

I told her that I did not believe a word of what she was saying and she told me that I was just being jealous.

She told me that he was just looking at her and she had no idea what to say to him since he has probably never said more than two words to her the entire time that they have known each other. Finally he said: “It’s kinda warm in here. Let’s go outside.”

Moo said that she finally decided to break the ice and wouldn’t you know it, Moo had to talk about school stuff. She asked Jimmy how he was coming along with his spellcasting. What Moo didn’t know, and I didn’t know either, was that Jimmy is a natural born witch just like Moo is.

Jimmy responded: “I’m doing pretty good! Wanna do a cast-off?”

Moo reluctantly said “okay” (actually fearing that she might hurt or maybe even embarrass the boy) and two paced off on the veranda.

The two faced off with their magic wands directed toward each other.

Jimmy said: “En Garde!” and Moo said: “Bring it on!”

Then the two of them began blasting away at each other with a variety of competition-style spells

Moo later told me: “He’s good. He’s very, very good”.

I am not clear if she was talking about his spellcasting capabilities or if she was referring to what happened immediately following their friendly little competition.

I say that because Moo said she got so turned on by the cast-off that she invited Jimmy to follow her upstairs. She said that she told him that there was “something upstairs that she wanted to show him”. When she told me the dumb thing that she said, I realized that maybe she wasn’t making it up after all.

I already knew that Jimmy Dawson-Dobbs moved fast, but I did not think that Moo was like that. (Oh, wait! Now I remember… I seduced him.)

I guess I can blame it all on my “Rain of Daisies”, that my BFF was now going steady with the boy that I used to have a crush on. When she told me what had happened, at first, I wanted to say something mean to her, but she seemed so happy, that I was actually very happy for her (and for Jimmy too).

Moo said that she thanked me by casting a special spell just for me, telling me that I would find out about it later.

I wonder if it had anything to do with the fact that her brother Dweezil actually walked up and started talking to me for first time since like the 3rd grade.

I don’t know… I did used to like him back when we were kids… and he is after all Moo’s brother.

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