The History of Twin Bayous – The Guilt Trip

Dobbs and I moved into the house where Tom and Danielle once lived. All the Twin Bayous families had at one time lived on the “other” side of the river where the school was located and this house was just down the street from the mansion where the school was housed. As far as I was concerned, this was perfect.

The house was on a wooded lot and right up against the foothills.

As we were driving back and forth to the new house in Dobbs pick-up truck with a load of our belongings, I was thinking: ‘What’s next? Are we going to get married? Are we going to have a wedding? Are we going to have children? OMG! It’s like I have been on the phone, waiting on hold for the past 50 years and suddenly someone answers, and I have forgotten why I called!’

I felt really humbled by Wendy’s gracious attitude towards me. I thought of myself as having stolen her husband. Yet, the way she acted towards me, it was almost as if I had done her favor.

It was not as though she did not love Dobbs, but to her the Dobbs that she loved had died a long time ago.

She looked upon the Dobbs that I was with as being another person. I did not understand it and I decided that I was not going to try and understand it. Being humble as I was and grateful for things that she had done for me, I thought one way of repaying her, was to volunteer my time helping out in whatever way I could at the school. So, it was convenient for the school to be next door.

There  was another, more selfish, reason for me wanting to be near the school and that reason was Jimmy.

One thing that I really needed to understand was: Did Jimmy hate me for his parent’s divorce?

I knew in my heart that I was not cause of their separation, but I wanted to know how Jimmy was dealing with this and so when Dobbs and I were all moved into the house, I asked Wendy to please let Jimmy come and stay with us for a few days.

I cringed when Wendy asked: “But don’t you and Dobbs want some time alone?” I thought: ‘She did not just ask me that!’, but then I get it that she had a right to be catty considering that he was “back” with me now.

All I have to say is: “Life is surely strange.” and then I thought: “Is this really what I want?”

The afternoon that Jimmy arrived at the house, he did not seem to be very happy and I was freaking out about that.

Then we got to talking and I learned that my little Jimmy had a girlfriend and he was missing her – how cute is that?

Digging deeper, I learned that the girl was that cute little witch they all call “Moo”. So, I immediately I got on the phone and I invited her over for dinner.

We had a nice dinner. I wanted to kick Dobbs under the table more than once to keep him from embarrassing his son in front of the boy’s girlfriend, but I could not reach him.

As soon as dinner was finished, Moo jumped up and told Dobbs and Jimmy to stay out of the kitchen because she was going to help me clean up. I figured that meant that she wanted to talk and I was right.

Once she was alone with me in the kitchen, she asked me if she could talk to me about something. I could tell by the look on her face that something was bothering her.

Moo started off by telling me that she really liked Jimmy a lot, but she was afraid that maybe their relationship was doomed – not because of her and not because of him, but because of at least one other girl and may be more. She said that for a guy who is super quiet and shy, he sure has lots of girlfriends. (I didn’t say anything, but it really did not surprise me about Jimmy.)

Moo said that yesterday they had gone on their first official date. They met at the festival park and they planned to hang out there for a while and then go to dinner at Clemens’ diner.

She said that as soon as they got to the park, they both spotted a townie girl name Colleen Clemens and Jimmy says, ‘Hang on, I need to talk to Colleen for a minute.’

Moo told me every little detail of what happened:
“So, he goes over to talk to the girl. They had been talking for less than minute and Colleen suddenly starts yelling at Jimmy.” (Nice way to start a romance… having your new boyfriend get into a loud argument in public with some other girl.)

“Jimmy managed to get Colleen to calm down and then came back over to where I was standing. I asked what that was all about and he tells me that he told her that he couldn’t go out with her anymore because he was now going steady with me.”

“I told him that I had heard rumors that he was seeing Colleen. I joked with him and asked: ‘You haven’t got any other girlfriends that you need break up with, do you?'”

“I was expecting him to say ‘No’, but he says: ‘Yes, there is one more.’

“When he told me that the other girl was Donna Gentille, my jaw dropped and my heart sank…”

“…because just the other day, I had cast a love charm on Donna at the city library.”

“To make things worse, someone has been spreading a rumor that Donna is pregnant.”

“So, anyway we went over to the diner. It pissed me off – excuse my language – it made me mad, but Colleen followed us over to the diner. I know that her parent’s own the diner, but it just seemed weird that she showed up and sat down at the table next to ours.”

“And then I saw Donna Gentille seated a couple of table’s away – not having dinner – but doing her homework.”

“So, I asked him: ‘Are you going to break-up with Donna before, after, or during dinner? Pick one!’
He said that he was hungry and that he would do it after we ate.”

“So, we ate dinner and then Jimmy gets up and goes over to talk to Donna behind the diner. (I don’t know what Mrs. Ringwald was doing back by the dumpster.)”

“Long story short, it did not go well. Donna refuses to believe that Jimmy does not “love” her.”

“Now my boyfriend is being stalked by the cutest girl in town and it is all my fault!”

Moo started to cry and I felt bad for her. I told her to be positive about things and think about the fact he has chosen her over this other girl.

I was just about to give her more words of womanly wisdom when suddenly the doorbell rang…

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