The History of Twin Bayous: Stranger at My Door

When I found out that my little Jimmy had a girlfriend, I just had to get involved and I insisted that she come over for dinner that evening.

We had a nice dinner, except for Jimmy’s dad who insisted on embarrassing his son by finding sexual innuendos for just about everything we had for dinner… we had spaghetti with meat balls and bread sticks, and then we had apple pie for desert.

After dinner, Moo wanted to talk to me in private. She was very upset because she had cast a love charm on a girl who was now stalking Jimmy. Moo is a very powerful witch, but the only problem is that she is young and she is still learning.

She was upset, because she has no idea how to reverse the love charm and she was afraid Donna Gentile was going to wreak her and Jimmy’s budding romance.

Before I had a chance to offer up some advice to the young woman who was crying in my kitchen, someone was ringing my doorbell.

I jumped at the sound of the doorbell, but before I had a chance to get up from the table, Dobbs and Jimmy were going to the door. Jimmy got to the door ahead of his dad and opened it.

There was a young woman at the door. She appeared to be in her late teens, early twenties. Her face was pale and her long straight hair was jet black. She was wearing a leather outfit that was reminiscent of a well-known citizen of Twin Bayous.

Jimmy did not recognize the woman and Dobbs at first did not know who she was, but after a moment he exclaimed: “Karri!” and over his shoulder he shouted, “Jamie, it’s your niece’s daughter, Karri!”

Jimmy was still holding the door open. He did not say a word, he just stared at the woman.

Finally Karri asked with a smile, “May I come in?

“Yes, of course,” said Jimmy.

Karri made no effort to come into the house, but rather she repeated the question: “Aren’t you going to ask me in?”

By now, Moo and I had come from the kitchen. I was puzzled by the confusion. It was only later that I learned what was going on.

“Jimmy, where are your manners? Ask Karri to come inside,” I told Dobb’s son.

“Sorry, won’t you please come in?” Jimmy said in low voice, still staring at the young woman who I now well recognized as Carina’s daughter.

And only after Jimmy invited her in, then did Karri enter the house.

I could tell by the look on Moo’s face that she was not happy with the way Jimmy was staring at Karri.

Totally ignoring Karri, Moo turned to her new boyfriend and snapped: “Jimmy! Let’s go! We don’t want to miss the start of the movie.”

When they got outside, I could hear Moo asking him: “Jimmy, is everything okay?”

I did not hear his answer, but I was glad they were out of house so that Dobbs and I could focus on our surprise visitor.

We invited Karri in, asking if she wanted anything to drink, and telling her that there was plenty of food leftover from dinner. She insisted she was fine and asked if we could sit in the parlor and talk. I was taken aback by how much she looked like her mother, my sister’s daughter, and a former love interest of Dobbs’, Carina Clemens.

When we were seated the first thing that Karri did was to flatter me by telling me how good I looked for a woman who was nearly 90 years old. I really wish that she had not reminded me of my age.

In return, I attempted to compliment her by saying that she looked so much like her mother, but I had to bite my tongue to keep from making mention how greenish and pale she was.

Then Karri came to point of why she had come to Moonshine Falls. She had come to ask that Dobbs help her. She confessed to us that she was a vampire. (No, kidding!)

She told us that she had learned from her mother that Dobbs was once a vampire and that when she saw him at Rochelle’s party a couple of weeks ago, she could see that he was no longer affected by the curse.

I said nothing and could only imagine what Dobbs was thinking as Karri asked him what was his “secret”.

I changed my mind and now I felt like I should explain what had happened to Dobbs. After all I was the one who was responsible for what happened – both the good and the bad. Also, Dobbs was suddenly not being his talkative self.

I told Karri about how we obtained a dusty old lamp. (I left out the part about trading it for the Grimoire of Morgan LeFey.)

Then for a moment, I was remembering the time when Dobbs and I first met in the basement of Mike and Jackie’s home. It was during the ghostly phase of my “life”.

I snapped to and fast forwarded to the lamp and how I had to practically spell it out to Dobbs what the purpose of it was.

Then I spaced again when suddenly I remembered when Dobbs and I kissed for the first time. I think when it happened, it been like forty years since I had been kissed.

I skipped over the part about how Dobbs was going crazy and how he, at one point, thought of dumping my urn in the Gulf. I have long since forgiven him for that. I went straight to the part where finally I convinced him to summon the Genie and ask of it that he be cured of vampirism.

Then ultimately, I got him to understand that he needed to ask the genie to resurrect me. There was some mystical law that prevented me, a ghost, from asking the genie to make me a real live girl again, but he did it…

…and it happened.

I explained to Karri that unfortunately the Genie had only three wishes to grant. One wish was used to cure Dobbs, the second wish was used to restore me to life, and the third wish was used up by Mihail LeFey when he wished that he could find Kathrine. The wish was granted way back in 1980, but was not fulfilled until a dozen years later.

The look on Karri’s face told me that she was not happy to hear that all three wishes were used up.

This entire time, Dobbs had not said a word. I looked over at him and I asked:

“Dobbs, do you think that Wendy might be able to help Karri?”

He was sure acting kind of strange. He replied: “Maybe. Maybe Wendy could find a cure.”

Then he asked Karri: “Where did you get ahold of a vampire potion?”

To which Karri responded that she could not remember as she was very young when it happened.

She quickly changed the subject and she asked where was there a motel in this town.

I told Karri that it was nonsense for her stay in the motel, and I told her that she was welcome to stay here with us.

Dobbs interrupted “Oh, wait a minute! What about Moo? She was going to sleep over here tonight and we only have that one spare bed.”

“She was?” I asked. I did not recall Moo asking to stay over and I am not sure that I would have said yes.

“Yeah, Yeah, ” Dobbs responded, “She ask me earlier and I said it was okay.”

“Karri, I know what? I think you would be very comfortable staying at the school. Lady Wendy, has lots of room there. Just let me call her… ” said Dobbs.

Dobbs said something about not getting reception and he went outside to call Wendy. He then came back a few minutes later and he told Karri that he would drive her over to the school. The young woman seemed to not have any problem with the arrangements.

Dobbs was gone for about a half hour and when he returned he had a very worried look on his face. Before he said a word to me he pulled out his phone and sent a text.

“I am telling Jimmy to bring Moo over here after the movie.”

“So, Moo didn’t ask you if she could sleep over? Do you want to tell me what is going on?”

Dobbs responded, “I think that I have solved a mystery that has bothered me for 15 years.”


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