The History of Twin Bayous: Back in Business

When Dobbs returned home after taking my grand-niece over to the school, he was very nervous. I wanted to know what was going on and Dobbs turned to me and said in a most dramatic tone: “I think that I have solved a mystery that has bothered me for 15 years!”

After Jimmy and Moo came back from the movies and went off to sleep (in separate rooms), Dobbs said that we should go outside to talk, saying something like: “Once they have been invited in, they may enter anytime without asking.”

Perhaps he has been watching too many episodes of “The Bloodsucker Journals“. I knew that he was talking about Karri and the fact that she is vampire. I don’t know if I think it was necessary, but I followed him out of doors anyway.

We sat down at the fire pit under the fir trees. It was a beautiful morning. The sun was just starting to rise. I wanted to say that it was not likely that a vampire would be out and about at this hour, but I did not want to encourage Dobbs’ burgeoning paranoia.

Dobbs paused before sitting down and was looking up as if he were searching for something. I asked him what he was doing.

“I just want to make sure that there are no bats hanging around,” He responded.

Spooky Day was only a day away and already Dobb’s was starting to act very spooky.

Once he was seated, he began with a question…

“Who does Karri remind you of?”

“My niece, Carina. Karri’s mother.”

“That’s right. And who else?

“Who else?”

“Yes, who else does she remind you of?”

It did not take me long at all to think of someone else, “Oh, my gawd!”

“Yes, exactly… Raquel. Karri is Raquel’s half-sister.”

“Wait! What? How do figure that?”

If anything ever demanded an explanation, it was this.

Dobbs asked me to think back 25 years ago when Mike Dutranoy became a vampire. (*Ed. See season five – episode 12). I remembered that, because I was there. In those days, I was Michael’s ghostly guide.

Michael discovered in the Grimoire, the secret of the potion to make someone into a vampire. To make the potion he needed to catch a vampire fish and some other ingredient that only he knew of.

“You’re not saying that Michael Dutranoy is Karri’s father? Are you? No, that can’t be right,” I now knew that I was getting ahead of the story and Dobb’s let me know that.

Dobbs said “Now wait and let finish… When I came back from France the first thing I did was meet with Mike and he told me that the one fish he caught allowed him to make only one bottle of the potion. He drank the one bottle.”

“And when I told him that I become a vampire but I could not remember how it happened, he said that I must have been turned by a vampire.”

“We both agreed that the vampire that turned me must have been Raquel LeFey.”

“Michael then said something that I thought was odd. ‘There are three ways to become a vampire: the potion that only I know how to make, be turned by a vampire like you were, or be born a vampire like someone’s daughter was.’ and then he added “‘…and I can assure you that I am not the father.‘”

Dobbs continued his story: “When he mentioned someone’s daughter, I had no idea who he was talking about, but he told me all of this when we were in his car. We were on our way over to Sheriff Sawyer’s house and when he said that thing about vampires the very next thing that he said to me was for me not to say anything about vampires in front of the Sheriff or his wife or else they may get upset.”

“I did not think anything else about that until I remembered that when I was with Carina and I asked her about Karri’s father, she did not want to talk about him.”

“Also, your sister said something to me that I thought at the time was a joke. She said that Sawyer had taught her how to make a murder look like an accident.”

When he mentioned my sister, Rochelle, I was getting a little impatient, “Dobbs, what are you talking about?”

“I think that Karri’s father was Anton LeFey and that when Sawyer and Rochelle learned about what Anton had done to their daughter, they found a way to kill Anton by exposing him to a deadly radioactive rock that harms only vampires.”

“I remember your sister threatening to kill me if I messed with her other daughter.”

When he mentioned my sister once again, I was now starting to get a little angry. “You can’t prove any of this,” I told him, “Besides my sister was just being a protective mother when she made that threat. It sounds like something that any mother would say.”

Dobbs replied: “It is my theory. You do know that Anton had a history of messing with Clemens’ women. He first tried to seduce Donna Gentille before she married Jack Clemens and then he ‘got‘ their daughter Jacqueline, and I figure that he must also have gone after Donna’s granddaughter, Carina.” (*Ed. see Season 2 episode 8 and episode 14)

He then apologized if he upset me and he said, “Let’s not say anything to anyone about this.”

“What did Wendy say when you spoke to her?” I asked.

“She didn’t say anything, but she really didn’t have to say anything because I know what she is thinking. Wendy’s mantra is keep your friends close, but keep your enemies even closer. First thing is, I know that she wants to know how Karri got here and I think that we should help her figure that out.”

A smile suddenly came across my face and such as it was, Dobbs noticed it…

“What are you smiling about?” he asked me.

“We are a team again! We should totally get a sign made and hang out a shingle: “Dobbs & Stoney, Detective Agency!”


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