The History of Twin Bayous: Wait for It

During her presentation, Kathrine had stated that Mihail’s mother Raquel would be celebrating her 100th birthday this coming Spooky Day. However, Mihail sat down and did the math and determined that this would actually be his mother’s 113th birthday, but since no one but him would really care or would be doing the math, Mihai and Kathrine were going to stick with calling the birthday to be celebrated as #100.

Mihai had gone back through the history of Twin Bayous and found recorded in the pages of that illustrious tome a description of a party hosted by a Miss Veronica “Ronnie” Ringwald in 1893. The party was a birthday party thrown for “Ronnie and Friends”. Counted among those friends and also having a birthday was a Miss Raquel LeFey. The party was on the occasion of each of theirs’ 13th birthday.

Then in 1895, there was a birthday held in honor of Raquel’s sister, Miss Tabitha LeFey. Miss Raquel hosted the party and the invitation specifically said “no presents”. This and the fact that the party was primarily an attempt by Raquel to impress a boy named Ariel Poindexter, caused Aunt Tabitha a great deal of angst.

Mihail found it interesting that the historical record chronicled that one of the party goers, a Miss Donna Gentile, caused a scene at the party when she announced to all in attendance that she had been made pregnant by her boyfriend Jack Clemens. Thus prompting Mister Clemens to propose to Miss Gentile in front everyone and causing the spotlight of attention to be taken off the two LeFey sisters. Although Tabitha forgot all about the event fairly soon, her sister Raquel held a grudge against the other girl until the day Miss Donna died back in the late 1960’s.

Throughout the history of Twin Bayous, either Raquel or her mother had tried to win over the people of Twin Bayous by throwing an annual Spooky Day party. The last time, Raquel LeFey had any meaningful interaction with the people of Twin Bayous was on Spooky Day 1959. That was 30-something years ago and it was at that party that Mike Dutranoy was arrested by Sheriff Sawyer and charged with having had “carnal knowledge” of Sawyer’s underage daughter, Miss Carina Clemens.

Michael spent two years in jail for a crime, which as was recently revealed by Miss Clemens, he never actually committed.

Mindful that Miss Raquel had a reputation as a troublemaker, Lady Wendy decreed that under no circumstances could Miss Raquel come to Moonshine Falls and small delegation would be allowed to go Twin Bayous.
Wendy gave Mihail and Kathrine passes to go to Twin Bayous to celebrate Raquel’s “100th” birthday.

Also on the list of those who were allowed to go were Nicholas and Rebecca Clemens-Stoney. Becky being, of course, Miss Raquel’s great-granddaughter.

Their two older children, Raquel’s great, great-grandchildren, Moon-Unit & Dweezil were made to stay behind and babysit their younger siblings, Diva and Ahmet.

When daughter Moon-Unit went home, she found that her mother had a gift waiting for her.

Moo was now 17 and she was given the keys to her very own Pegasus-XL riding broom.

Just as we were all getting ready to leave, Mihail called and said Kathrine would not be going with us to Twin Bayous. He sounded like he had been crying, but when he told me the reason why Kathrine could not travel via phonebooth was because she was a few weeks pregnant, I understood that he had been shedding tears of joy. Those guys had been waiting a long time for this.

Jamie and I asked for and were also granted passes. I told Wendy of my plans to investigate Karri’s “true” purpose in coming to Moonshine Falls and she told me that she was very comforted to know that Jamie and I were looking out for her.

I asked Jimmy if he would like to go with us and as I expected, he declined. My guess was that if Moo was staying than he was staying. They had some things plan for the holiday.

On Spooky day morning, Jamie, I, and Mihai drove out to Lost Lake.

There we met up with Becky and Nicholas

One-by-one each us stepped into an ordinary looking phone booth…

…and one-by-one we were magickally transported from Moonshine Falls to the town of Twin Bayous.

I was the last to enter the phone booth.

When I arrived in Twin Bayous, I immediately recognized the strange surroundings and realized that the network bug had occurred once more.

However, I was met only by a very confused Becky Clemens-Stoney and there was a frightened tone in her voice as she asked me, “Where is everybody?”


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