Previously on The History of Twin Bayous
(Continued from Episode 24)

Wendy had allowed a small contingent of residents of Moonshine Falls to travel to Twin Bayous to attend Raquel LeFey’s 100th 113th Birthday.  Jamie, Mihail Lefey , one other relative of Miss Raquel, and I were allowed to travel. Rebecca “Becky” Clemens-Stoney is a great granddaughter of the birthday girl. Also, traveling with us was Becky’s husband, Nicolas. Kathrine stayed behind as she had recently learned that she was pregnant with her first child.

On Spooky Day morning, five of us gathered at Lost Lake and one-by-one we were magically transported from Moonshine Falls to the town of Twin Bayous.

I was the last to enter the phone booth.

When I arrived in Twin Bayous, I immediately recognized the strange surroundings and realized that the network bug had occurred once more.

And now begins
The History of Twin Bayous
in an episode titled
Season 9 Finale

When I arrived via magickal phonebooth at the Twin Bayous end-of-the-line, I was met only by a very confused Becky Clemens-Stoney and there was a frightened tone in her voice as she asked me, “Where is everybody?”

I did not know the answer to her question, but one thing that I did know was where we were, because I had been here only a few weeks before.

We were in the basement under the barn at the Dutranoit Plantation. The “wires” must have gotten crossed again.

I planned to complain to “the management” when I saw her later.

Just at that moment my cellphone rang, it was Jamie and she was crying so hard that at first I could not understand what she was saying.

I finally got that she wanted me to meet her at Clemens’ Valley Farm. Her sister Rochelle had died.

I told Becky that she needed to come with me – saying only that something had happened to her grandmother.

There would be no question as to which grandmother it was. Her maternal grandmother, Julie Goombah, had died 15 years ago and it was her death that had originally brought me to Twin Bayous as a private investigator from Angel City.

The Clemens Valley Farm was located on the highway back towards town and it did not take us long to get there.

When I arrived, I did my best to console Jamie. She handed me a envelope containing a thin book and told me not to share it with anyone. On the outside of the envelope was written in feminine cursive: “To my Beautiful Sister” and beneath that the word “CONFIDENTIAL” was printed in block letters.

Inside the envelope was a thin journal consisting of handwritten pages upon most of which was personal stuff about the life and love that two sisters shared.

Then on the last page, last paragraph there it was… a confession. It read:

“On October 4th, 1973 (AS), I, Rochelle Stoney Clemens killed Anton LeFey as punishment for those things he did to my daughter, sister-in-law, and mother-in-law. May the Builder have mercy on my soul.”

It was just as I figured. One mystery was now solved. I did not know it at the time, but another mystery was just forming only a few miles away.

I figured that I would leave Jamie and the Clemens family to grieve in private.

I headed back out to Dutranoit Plantation and made a fairly late appearance at the birthday party for Miss Raquel.

When I got to the plantation, the gate was wide open and I walked onto the grounds unannounced. There did not appear to be any sort of a party going on. What it looked like was that everyone had left.

Finally I locate Mihai and what he had to tell me was astonishing.

He said that there had been a party and that a large number of Twin Bayou townspeople showed up to help Raquel celebrate her 113th birthday.

Although, about mid-way into the party an unannounced (yet almost expected) guest showed up.

At first, she appeared to be a holographic image.

But when she materialized, Mihai said that he recognized the party-crasher as one of the teen townies from Moonshine Falls. A girl with the same name as the one who had disrupted one of Raquel’s parties over 100 years ago.

The girl made an announcement: “I apologize to Miss Raquel for once again crashing one of her great parties, but I come bearing a message from Lady Wendy….”

“She tells me to let you know that Karri may have stolen the book, but that Lady Wendy will surely beat you to it as she is now a ‘blast from the past’. Goodnight and Good Luck!”

With that the messenger disappeared and upon hearing the message, Miss Raquel flew into a rage and pulling out her magic wand she began to chant an incantation.

Everyone, of course, was frightened and they all promptly fled from the house.

Mihail said that Miss Raquel turned towards him and she said: “Once again, I must say goodbye to you my son.” …

…and then she disappeared in a flash of blinding light.

Mihail said, “This has happened before,” and then he asked, “You do realize what this means, don’t you?”

It took me just a moment before I was hit by the magnitude of what was going on.

“Oh, my builder!” I replied, “They’ve both gone into the past to try and change the future! Someone must stop them!”


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