You Have to Watch Professional Sims 4 Streaming

I haven’t gone anywhere. I am taking a break before I start writing season 10 (click here for Season Nine). I have an idea on where things are going, but I kind of want to let things sit for a while.

Meanwhile, I have been playing Sims 4 and I looked into streaming on Twitch. Very sorry to say that my network upload speed is too slow for me to do any twitching.

But I have found something quite addictive to watch eight hours a night… Professional Sims 4 Streaming.

While I was looking into doing my own streaming, I had a chance to observe some of the people who are professional Sims 4 streamers. It is an interesting medium and if the medium is the message, I find Twitch to be both personal and public at the same time. Some of the professional streamers are fun to watch. Yes, there are “professional streamers” and you must watch and observe to understand it. I do not fully understand all that is going on, but I find watching professional Sims 4 streamers far more entertaining than any of the junk that TV networks broadcast at prime time every night.

The streamers that I have enjoyed the most watching are listed in no particular order.

Since I am an Amazon Prime subscriber, I have a “Prime Subscription” that I can give away each month and I am planning to give one of them my free Prime subscription. After I have watched a little longer, I will choose the one who I think is most informative about the game (and fun to watch).

If you don’t know anything about the Sims “games”, watching a professional streamer is the best way to learn the “game”. Well, sort of, but they are fun to watch. (I put “game” in quotes because I think of the Sims more as a sandbox instead of a game.)

While I was trying to make Twitch work, I made some recordings and while did throw away most them, I kept a few and put them on You Tube. I have better luck recording Sims 4 and I am thinking of making more of these where they are part storytelling and part tips & tricks.

UPDATE: I gave my prime subscription to Negaoryx, but all three deserve a lurking.

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