The History of Twin Bayous: Fast Forward Back in Time

Post #444

Between the time that Lady Wendy disappeared and the time that Miss Jamie had returned and told us, kids, that she had taken the Grimoire of Morgan LeFey for safe-keeping, I did some poking around on my own and I discovered an odd-looking book that seemed to jump right off the shelf at me.

The book was titled “The Ancient History of Twin Bayous“.

I had heard of a book titled “The History Twin Bayous”. In fact, I think that I had read it once when I was in the fifth grade, but I had never heard of a book with this different title. So, while everyone was running around acting all crazy and stuff, I decided to just relax and read the book that jumped off the shelf.

The book was telling about some other town called “Twin Bayous” and from the description of the town’s layout, it did not seem like the same place as the town my parents grew up in. What I read in this book totally blew my mind. It changed my life and lives of everyone else in this great universe of ours.

After Miss Jamie arrived and told us that she had taken the Grimoire for safekeeping, we all went down to Lady Wendy’s secret room. The room was buried two stories underground. There we went and there we all looked around for clues as to where Lady Wendy might have gone.

After we all watched as Miss Jamie placed the Grimoire back inside a red lacquered chest, Moo let Miss Jamie know that she did not care where Lady Wendy went unless it was the same place as to wherever Jimmy had disappeared. I was talking to Dweezil and I was trying to explain to him that I already knew where Lady Wendy went. Being the butthead that he is, he just laughed at me.

I tried not get mad at him as I very calmly explained that according to what I had just read in “The Ancient History of Twin Bayous”, Lady Wendy had gone 125 years into the past, that she had taken Morgan Dutranoit’s place as matron of the LeFey family, and that she had gotten herself knocked up by a horny pollination technician from the Source.

As I said, Dweezil thought that I was joking and he laughed at me, but something I said sure lite a fire under Miss Jamie because she snatched the Grimoire back out of the red lacquered chest and she ran upstairs shouting for Mr. Dobbs.

This is where things begin to get real fuzzy. From what Dweezil had explained to me on more than one occasion, Lady Wendy’s trip back in time essentially “diverted the time stream”. From what I read in “Ancient History…”, it was a jealous and enraged co-worker of this pollination-tech who flipped out and rebooted the universe. It was apparently not the first time that this guy had cheated on her.

Here’s is what was written in “The Ancient History of Twin Bayous”…

“Wendy Dawson-LeFey, the oddball from Story 9D, contacted pollination technician, Mark D’eeb and told him that she needed to speak with him about a very important matter. Subject told Mr. D’eeb that she is aware of the Source and that, as a result of her awareness, she was frightened that she might be soon terminated. Mr. D’eeb informed the subject that a Sim being aware of the Source would be grounds for immediate abduction for possible termination. Subject then explained to Mr. D’eeb that she came here from another dimension and that she had switched places with the Sim named Morgan (Dutranoit) LeFey. Subject asked Mr. D’eeb if were possible for him to stop the investigation and for her actions to be “covered up”. Mr. D’eeb informed her that what she was asking for would be very difficult to do. Subject informed Mr. D’eeb that if he were to assist her, that he “would not regret his efforts”. Mr. D’eeb informed the subject that if he got caught that he too would be terminated. Subject then informed Mr. D’eeb that she had evidence that Mr. D’eeb had been woohooing some of the feminine androids (or NPCs as they are called). Subject then showed Mr. D’eeb a series of pictures on her mobile phone.”

“As part of my duties during a morning shift change, I was checking on the Sims who had recently given birth and that was when I discovered in the record that at 0317, previously that morning, that subject: Wendy Dawson-LeFey had been pollinated (twice!) by pollination technician, Mark D’eeb.”

“It was at this point in time, that I, Remote-Monitor Technician, Missy Churchie, mashed down on the keyboard with an angered three-finger salute, screamed a loud and nasty curse, and then performed a “hard reload” on the entire universe currently under simulation.

“I am very sorry for what I have done and for all of the countless souls who perished throughout the many timelines. To quote Robert Oppenheimer, who quoted Vyasa, who quoted Sanjaya, who quoted Lord Krishna, who quoted Lord Vishnu, who quoted Lord Kalki: ‘Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.'”

According to Dweezil, this would explain that when we all went back upstairs that there was “NOTHING”. I am not sure how to explain this, but if you can imagine NOTHING then you will get what I am saying: That is what there was upstairs… was absolutely NOTHING.

The mansion that was the school and everything else that there was before was now gone. As I said… it was NOTHING!

Wait, here let me show you a picture that I took of NOTHING and then hopefully, you will understand what I am talking about. (By the way, I wanted to call it NOWHERE, but Dweezil insisted that it was really NOTHING.)

So, what happened next? (Next? that is a funny word).

Since we could not go up, our only choice was to go back down the stairs. This is where things get even freakier. There were seven of us, standing in the stairwell that led from what used to be the ground floor of the mansion down two flights to a sub-basement – There was me, Dweezil, Mel, my brother, Dimitri, Mel’s sister, Harmony, Jack the dog-boy, and a very brokenhearted, Moo. We then turned in unison to head back down the stairs and then imagine the look on our faces when each of us realized that we were no longer in a dimly lit stairway of wood and stone.

Now we were standing on the steps of a very short flight of stairs leading into a shiny building made of polished glass and steel. It was a bright spring-like morning and it took me a more than few seconds before I snapped to and stared blankly into the face of whoever was standing next to me.

We were in a place we first called “limbo” (actually I called it a smelly hotel), but we later determined where we really were was a place called “The Source”. Dweezil figured it out. Dweezil actually read Miss Katherine’s book!

Not only were we at the Source, but we were at the beginning of time. And I knew why because I had read “The Ancient History of Twin Bayous”. So, there!

It was not very long after we arrived at wherever the heck we were, that mister-smarty-pants, my BF, Dweezil said that we should “hang on” because “I think that I figured something out.”

And so we hung on – for seven days and seven nights – and in that time, Moo and I messed around with one of the computers. This is when we discovered that we could actually watch what our moms were like when they were teenagers in 1974.

Dweezil took a break from what he was doing only long enough to poke his nose into our business and to tell us that what we were watching was a “live stream”.

“That is not the past that you are watching,” he said, “because right now there isn’t any past… there is no future… and there will not be until I get the systems back online.”

Then he got mad when Moo shushed him and told him to be quiet. Now it was my turn to laugh at Dweezil.


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