The History of Twin Bayous – Getting to Know the Neighbors

Moo and I were spending the time during our shift as remote monitor techs of the newly born world of Riverview. At some point, we came to focus on the part of town known as Suburbia Street. To the surprise of both of us, on this street of look-a-like houses, lived the very same families that he knew as the townies of Moonshine Falls. There was, however, one family that was new and unique. It was the Knacker family.

It was when Moo caught sight of the matron of this family, that she exclaimed: “Oh my god! You will not believe who I just found!”

Moo had discovered that one of the housewives of Suburbia Street bore a striking resemblance to the woman that both of us had adored since we were very little. Very quickly, we were both convinced that the face that we saw on our monitors was that of the headmistress of our school, Lady Wendy – aka Wendy Dawson-Dobbs (Ahem, and the mother of Moo’s missing boyfriend, Jimmy Dawson-Dobbs).

Moo’s reaction to this bolt from the blue was something that I had not expected. We had been at our stations for only a few days and in that time Moo had read a manual, watched some YouTube videos and in doing so she had managed to learned how to instantiate and fly a UFO “object” in the skies over Riverview. At first, she did have some difficulty maneuvering the machine and then, because all of the houses on Suburbia Street looked the same she was confused as to which house the woman lived in.

Piloting the UFO, was an “avatar” that we named Mooandme. I suggested that Moo should lower the machine down to the street. I wanted Moo to let her “avatar” out and have the little man walk around until he found the house.

After a couple of near misses, while having the little man go around peeking into people’s bedroom windows, Moo’s avatar found the house by looking for a name on the mailbox near the front door. Thinking quickly, Moo realized that she that she needed the subject to be outside for the next step and so she had the little ET guy do an old-fashioned ding-dong-ditch – ring the doorbell and run away.

Twisting back and forth in her chair, Moo directed her avatar to race back to the UFO parked on the street, while I sat by her side and I shrieked: “Hurry! Hurry! Get out of there! Someone’s coming!”

Just as the UFO rose above the rooftops of Suburbia Street, I could see that the little green front door on the house was opening and someone was about to come outside. Oh my, it was getting really exciting watching my Moo manipulating stuff.

It was the lady of the house, Mrs. Dorothy Knacker, who ran outside and stood beyond the trees in her front yard. From the underside of the UFO came an array of shimmering lights and its engine produced the sound of creepy metallic vibrations.

Mrs. Knacker was nearly bent over backward and she appeared to be intently spellbound by the nearly magical appearance of an out-of-this-world object hovering high above her head.

There was a brief moment of silence. Moo told me later that she did this for dramatic effect. Then there was a loud noise that sounded like a switch being flipped. From the underside of the flying saucer came a bluish-green beam of energy that descended down upon Mrs. Knacker. The beam of energy enveloped the lady – that is, the Lady Wendy look-a-like – grasping her in its clutches and pulling her up inside the craft.

Yet as soon as Mrs. Knacker was brought on the board the spacecraft, it started to rain. At first, the rain was not heavy, but accompanying the shower was a blustery gale. This was not expected and it was something that Moo having difficulty with. Moo did not know how to control the ship under any conditions other than a bright blue sky. As result, there was very awkward interlude as the UFO loitered a few feet above Suburbia Street.

Then the machine completely shut-off and came down on the asphalt with a crashing thud.

Moo was very much embarrassed by the whole thing. I think that I could actually see that the little green man was blushing when he had to briefly materialize outside of the craft in order to let the Lady Wendy look-a-like get out.

I could tell that Mrs. Knacker was both confused and pissed as the UFO took off and left her standing on the sidewalk outside her house.

“Well?” was the one-word question that I posed to Moo. Her one-word response was a scream of exasperation.


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