Occult Dynasty Challenge: Making It Up as I Go Along

I am working on this idea – something I call the “Occult Dynasty Challenge” -and I promise that I will be giving details as I go along. I am making a series of videos to document the reboot of THOB and the start of a new challenge.

Screenshot-166In this first video, I describe how I repopulated the town of Twin Bayous.

This was done using the NRAAS mods “Story Progression”, “Master Controller”, and “Debug Enabler”.

A writer of fiction always starts with a blank slate. He or she creates the fictional landscape and populates it with all sorts of different characters from divergent backgrounds and backstories. We are going to do the same in preparing our story of an occult dynasty.

In terms of preparing the town, the video shows how to annihilate a current population and repopulate the town with Sims of your choice first using Master Controller >> Town >> Total Annihilation to get rid of everyone and then using “Story Progression” to repopulate the town. (See my article on Population for more information)

Next because this challenge calls for starting out with no occults. The video shows how to use NRASS Master Controller mod to remove occults from town by using MC >> Intermediate>>Remove Occult.

Finally, the video shows how to turn off occult creation in the Options panel.


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