Occult Dynasty Challenge: Night of the Living Prom

Up until now most of what was seen in earlier episodes was introductory and involved silly things such as rules and traditions, but because I am making this up as I go along, I will start by telling you that I have already changed most of the rules regarding marriage and I will be getting into that later.

Post-prom, Maggie and Nick’s relationship took a bit of a hit when she realized that they have trait incompatibility issues. Most traits do not have compatibility problems. For example, Diva, Neurotic, Gatherer have not compatibility conflicts.

Nick had been focusing a lot of his time on Maggie and perhaps paying a little too much attention to her, it was now time for him to pay more attention to building up his skills.

The next milestone is turning someone into a vampire and to do that founder sim, Nick Knacker needs to reach level 7 in alchemy, learn the recipe for the potion, and find the ingredients.

He going to need to not only increase his skill level in alchemy but will also have to be proficient in two other skills, gardening, and fishing. I already know from past experience that he needs a vampire fish. Plus, I already know, from having built this town, where a vampire fish can be caught.


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