I have a new idea and this idea involves me just writing without spending any amount time really thinking about. I have found that when I go deep in terms of thinking about a story, I tend to get almost nothing done. About as much work gets done as does a solid mass attempting to pass through the rotating blades of a whirling fan. (I just wasted a how bunch words right there!)

So, I am going to just jump out there with this idea on whither goes the multi-episodic epic that is THOTB (aka The History of Twin Bayous)…

{TRIVIAL INTERRUPTION: There have been 220 episodes since the first one appeared on July 17, 2015}

…Sorry, that won’t happen again, I promise.

Anyway, as I was saying… This does seem to happen every time one season ends and the next one begins, I get really big idea for the next season… I may or may not act upon it and then there is either the false promise of something new…

{TRIVIAL INTERRUPTION #2: Season one ended August 6, 2015, and then season two begin immediately on schedule on August 8. I think that is the only time that happened. Season two ended on the 16th of September. Three started the third week of September finished about 6 weeks later. Season four did not begin until November 6 and ended December 28.}

DIGRESSION: It was between seasons 4 and 5 that I invented the private eye, Dobbs James Dobbs it was New Years Day 2016

I started out by saying: “In addition, I want to look at Twin Bayous from the perspective of an outsider. Therefore, I have introduced a new character.”

I’ll tell you what… Rather than make everyone turn to back pages, I reprint it right here for all to see…

Also, I want to look at Twin Bayous from the perspective of an outsider. So, I have introduced a new character.

He is a detective inspired by other fictional detectives such as Sam Spade, Nick and Nora Charles, Philip Marlowe, and more recently the cartoon character Archer Sterling.

The story takes place in the early 1960’s, beginning in 1962, twenty years after the death of Jamie Stoney.

His name is Dobbs James Dobbs and he is a thirty-something private detective living in a trailer in the desert east of Angel City.

He works for a security firm located in the Justin Case Insurance building in downtown Angel City. He takes whatever cases he is assigned, but he is hoping for that one big case which will allow him to make a name for himself.

He likes his martinis dry – shaken, not stirred and he has an eye for the ladies. His morals are such that he is broadminded in regards to age and marital status. (Sometimes what is referred to as a man-slut).

He dislikes children especially when they exhibit a superior intellect.

Then what happened? Well, in season 5, I did something different. I did introduce an outsider; however, it was Michael Dutranoit and family and not Mr. Dobbs. Dobbs James Dobbs did not appear until season six.

{TRIVIAL INTERRUPTION #3: Season five did not appear until March 5, 2016. Between four and five there was a gap of 70 days. But that was nothing compared to the pregnant pause between seasons 7 and 8. That was 91 days. Between 9 and 10 there was a 70-day gap and then there were only four episodes in a span of 11 days. This brings everything up to date.}

This was a really scrambled way to hint and tease that I am working on something and hope to have something to publish soon.

Oh yeah, and Happy New Year!


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