100B: Funny Thing Happened

I ran into a problem with my graphics card and Sims 3. Suddenly things were not working as they were before. Performance already sucked and now this. I started playing Sims 4 and then I was getting bored with it. That bummed me out and almost as a joke I started a challenge and to be specific I call this challenge:

“The Awesome A-to-Zed 100 Baby Challenge Super Male Edition 2000”

I have not been vocal at all regarding challenges. I know there are a lot of fans of challenges and possibly the most popular is the 100 Baby Challenge. The rules for this challenge is located here at Google docs.

Basically, this challenge involves a young adult female sim who is designated as the matriarch. Her goal is to give birth to 100 children.

I decided that I would do a twist on this where a young adult male sim is given the goal of fathering 100 children. I started out making up the rules as I went along.

The father is referred to throughout this challenge description as the Donor.

This is NOT a pregnant male challenge. I would assume that the rules for that sort of challenge would be same as for a female. (again, see The 100 Baby Challenge (Google Doc))

The goal is to have 100 children; therefore, Sim should get started with woohoo as early as possible.

Unlike other challenges, there are very little rules for this challenge. I prefer to not impose any unnecessary, arbitrary rules.

Set Game Options as follows…

  • Autonomy = Full.
  • Disable Autonomy for Selected Sim = False
  • Auto Age (Played Sims) = Yes
  • Auto Age (Unplayed Sims) = Ticked
  • Sim Lifespan = Dealer’s choice. I use a lifespan mod that sets the lifespan to 300 sim days.

Your sim may live anywhere. There are no restrictions regarding location. You must turn aging on. You may use any lifespan setting. The longer the lifespan the better, but it is less of a challenge. I use a 300-sim day lifespan with the following settings:







Young Adult







I use MC Command Center to make these lifespan settings. Vampires are allowed as the Donor. In fact, it may be necessary.

Mods and cheats are okay as long as they are documented and used only in the beginning. For example, you may cheat the starting funds for your Sims – making him fabulously wealthy –  but you may not cheat funds anytime afterward.

Life extension is permitted provided it is not done with a cheat. Using an in-game potion is acceptable. The mothers and the children may live anywhere. They do need to reside in the same house as the donor. If the donor wishes to provide a home for the mother(s) and the children and then move out to another home that is acceptable.

There are no restrictions regarding jobs or what tasks the Donor may do. Also, there are no restrictions regarding travel and vacations. However, they must complete all of their job and aspiration tasks. The Donor may have as many relationships as desired, but woohoo and procreation goals should be taken into account as being primary. In other words, there should be at all times at least one pregnant Sim waddling about somewhere.

No cheats are allowed regarding romance. If the Donor is a vampire, he may use his alluring traits to seduce women. By cheating, this refers to something like the MC Command Center pregnancy cheats. Using the mod to trigger pregnancy between the Donor and another Sim is considered a disallowed cheat.

Adopted children do NOT count towards the count of children. All 100 children must be natural descendants of the Donor. The donor may have as many partners as desired. If possible, they may have 100 children by the same woman or one child each from 100 different women.

When mother’s move out, their children must move with them. Actually, this sounds like an arbitrary, unnecessary rule. So, scratch that.

You may not use a “More Than Eight in Household” cheat, and I say this primarily because I have not seen a more than eight mod that works. No, wait! This sounds like another arbitrary, unnecessary rule. So, scratch this rule also.

What’s the Story?

Why is it required that the Donor father 100 children? You may make up any crazy story that you like.

How about, the donor is told that a curse has been placed on his girlfriend and in order to lift the curse, he must father 100 children? His girlfriend has been placed into vampiric slumber by an evil alien vampire. Yeah! That’s the story!

What happens if he doesn’t achieve his goal? The curse will not be lifted, and his GF will remain in vampiric slumber forever and forever.

What happens if any children die before the Donor/Father does? It doesn’t matter as we are counting births only.

Children are given names in alphabetical order that reflects the order in which they are born. The first child born will be given a name starting with the letter ‘A’. The next child a ‘B’. The third child will be given a name starting with ‘C’ and so forth. Of course, restart the alphabet after child #26.

The child will retain the mother’s surname unless the father (donor) adopts them by marrying the mother or if the parents were married at the time.

Children may be aged-up at any time using in-game means such as clicking on the bassinet or buying a cake.

Marriage is optional although it may complicate relationships and make courtship with other potential mothers difficult.

Illegal activity is disallowed. This includes murder, kidnapping, forced woohoo, and etc. Teen pregnancy is allowed provided the mother is not a minor. They must be 18 years or older. My guess is that any teen Sim is 18+.

Adultery and jealousy are unfortunate side-effects, but they will inevitably occur and your sim should be prepared to deal with the situations that will happen.

In my game, our donor’s name is Romeo Monty. He is a son of the wealthy Monty family. I did not create this Sim. I found two households in the Gallery, the Monty family, and the Capp family. If you played the Sims 2, you should recognize those households as the two main families who live in the Veronaville neighborhood of Sims 2.

Romeo Monty and Juliet Capp were two star-crossed lovers who… well, I think that you know the story.

I had intended that Romeo’s sleeping beauty be Juliet Capp, but she seems to have avoided that fate already in my game. So, make it her sister Hermia and she is now age-less, and hands-off. Here is a necessary yet seemingly arbitrary rule.

The households that I downloaded from the gallery were Monty and Capp, both created by Rubinrot97. The Romeo character has the following traits: Romantic, Self-Assured, Alluring, and Cheerful. His aspiration is that of “Serial Romantic”. This seems to be a good choice for traits and an aspiration considering the situation involved in the challenge.

I have been playing this challenge for a little over a week. At this point, Monty has twelve children between eight women. He is planning to marry one of them. I will provide details as I go along.


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