100B: More 100 Babies

I started this thing and now I must continue it… So, far Romeo Monty has fathered more than a dozen children between eight women. The numbers beside the child’s name below show the birth order.

On his first time at bat, Romeo Monty hit a grand slam and his first conquest had triplets. I call her a conquest because she was and still is a married woman. Sofia Bjergsen (I) is a Sim from Windenburg, the world introduced in The Sims 4: Get Together. Not too long after she married Tams Clemens, she began an affair with Romeo. The first time they were together, the result was three children: (1) Alexander, (2) Bobert, & (3) Candy. Later, Sofia had a fourth child by Romeo named (9) Hank. Romeo bought Sofia a restaurant and a house in North Windenburg. That nearly made Romeo broke. Sofia will not leave Tams because he is rich and she signed a prenup. Her conceit is so great that she thinks that Romeo only dates other women because he cannot marry her.

Next, there was Candy (Behr) Voss (II), another married woman. By Candy, Romeo had a son named (5) Daniel. Later, they had a second child, (17) Othello. Candy no longer wants a relationship with Romeo other than to share parenting of their children.

Candy does not live with her husband. They are estranged. Rather Candy lives with two other women: Juliet Capp (III)

…and Miki Ojo (IV).

Candy is from Windenburg, the world introduced in The Sims 4: Get Together. Juliet is from Sims 2: Veronaville. Miki is from San Myshuno, the world introduced in The Sims 4: City Living.

The three of them got Romeo to buy them a really big house for themselves and the children. Later they kicked him out. This busted Romeo and he was forced to move with Veronica.

Miki Ojo (pictured) has a daughter by Romeo named (6) Eliza.

Juliet (pictured) has a daughter by Romeo named (8) Genie.

Romeo became involved with another married woman. Alaina Hogg (V) was and still is the wife of Dusty Hogg. Dusty is a bad-ass biker and character from Sims 2: Strangetown. Romeo and Alaina have a son named (7) Franklin. Alaina does not want to see Romeo ever again.

Romeo had first courted Veronica “Ronnie” Ringwald, but she rebuffed him because she was in a committed relationship.

At the time, she was living with her sister, Xena Ringwald (VI). Romeo dated Xena and they now have two children, twins (10) Ian and (11) Jan.

Living in the apartment next door to Ronnie and Xena is Tabitha LeFey (VII), sister of the vampire across the hall, Raquel LeFey.

Romeo and Tabitha also have twins, (12) Kelly and (13) Karen.

Ronnie and Romeo eventually did get together and Ronnie Ringwald (VIII) got a penthouse apartment out of the deal. They also have twins, (18) Paul and (19) Queenie.

Living next door to the penthouse that Romeo and Ronnie shared was a mature woman and her three young charges: the sisters, Lillie and Yasmin Brady and their friend, Annie Ghomari. All three women are 18+. Romeo started a mini-challenge whereby he would impregnate all four of his next-door neighbors.

So, far Romeo and Lillie Brady (IX) have triplets. Lillie is a huge fan of the DC comic book character Hawkgirl, so in her honor, she named her kids: (14) Lionmane, (15) Manhawk, and (16) Nuklon. Lillie is not very bright and for this reason, Romeo felt sorry for her. He has proposed marriage.

They currently live together in a small house next door to the mansion where Candy, Juliet, and Miki live. They are trying to marry, but some glitch is making this not happen.

As of this writing, Lillie’s best friend, Annie Ghomari (X) is pregnant with twins.


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