100B: A Day in the Life

Romeo is called by Candy. She insists that he come and stay at the mansion for a few days. She wants him to come and see his children. Candy informs him she does not want to continue a relationship with Romeo except shared parenting.

He likes the idea because he wants to spend time with Juliet.

Yet, Juliet is really not interested.

Ronnie Ringwald invites Romeo out to a lounge.

Juliet and her family show-up for some kind of Capp family thing.

Seeing the Capp family, makes Romeo remember his sleeping beauty, Hermia.

Romeo flirts with Juliet and it does not go well.

Romeo realizes that he is now attracted to Juliet’s mother, Cordelia Capp. They step out to “watch the stars”.

Romeo asks Cordelia out to the Harbor Quarter Inn for a nightcap. They have a drink and Romeo is exhausted. At dawn, he goes home to the mansion where he has moved into a room there.

But before he can take his shoes off, he gets a call from Annie Ghomari asking him to meet her at the hospital…

…where Annie Ghomari has her babies – twins.

After getting the babies home. Rachel (20) and Sarah (21)

…Annie calls up Romeo and asks to see him at the Salty Paws Inn.

When they meet Annie does an “asks to be friends” break-up with Romeo. This does not phase him now because he has a lot of balls in the air at the moment.

Romeo goes back to the mansion to try and sleep.

He has only a few minutes to relax before he gets a call from Ronnie Ringwald.

Ronnie tells him that she is very sad about their relationship and she asks to meet him at the Newcrest Resort Hotel.

Now you may be asking what is a “Hotel”. What I do is, I create a restaurant and in the building, there are also “hotel” rooms. These are rooms with “club” doors, a door that can be accessible only to club members. You get the idea. The active Sim has a club and his date is a member of his club. Ronnie came for dinner and she went home pregnant.

At the hotel, Romeo spies a waitress named Micaela Goombah. Another married woman.

Following her into the washroom, Romeo offers her a rose…

…and she accepts.

Later after Micaela gets off work they check into a room at the hotel.

Later they wind-up in bed.

The next morning, Romeo sees Juliet’s mother out by the pool and in front of her son Tybalt, he asks her out. Tybalt gets mad when he sees them and he shouts forbidden words.

Romeo and Mrs. Capp go out on a date in the Arts District.

Romeo has to leave their date early because Romeo has an appointment with a celebrity who goes by the name of Anna K.

He meets Anna at her penthouse apartment. She tells Romeo that if he makes a sizable donation to her cause, that she will make an actual donation to his political party.

Romeo does not get it at first, but soon they’re in bed and Romeo gives Anna a child.

Later, Romeo meets Sophia in a room at the Harbor Quarter Inn in Windenberg.

Sophia goes home with another donation from Romeo.

Romeo continues to see Juliet’s mom…

…While Anna K. is starting to show.

Current Stats:
# Children: 21
# Women Currently Pregnant: 4


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