100B: Child Support & Other Things

After I started the “The Awesome A-to-Zed 100 Baby Challenge Super Male Edition 2000”, I made the discovery that MC Command Center mod has a “Child Support” feature. Enable child support and your active Sim will be charged support when bills come around. I would like at this time to officially amend the rules to require that the Child Support feature of MC Command Center must be used during the challenge.

In MC Command Center, choose Other Settings, then choose Money Settings. You will see it as one of the choices. This forces Romeo to pay child support; however, this only works if Romeo is active on pay bills day. So, this requires a new rule and that new rule is that Romeo must be in the active household always and the household must one in which lives one or more of his girlfriends and/or children. If you need to make active a different household for whatever reason, then you will need to move Romeo into that household before making it active (see Manage Households). You can make up whatever story that you want to explain why Romeo is in that other household. It could be that he is just visiting.

Besides this feature, one other useful feature allows the user to check on the status of a Sim’s pregnancy.

As I mentioned at the start, using a mod to trigger a pregnancy between two Sims is considered a cheat.

Ending a pregnancy (aka simulating a miscarriage) is okay, I guess, but that is up to the individual player. My take on this sort of thing is based on a rule that I go by: “If something can happen IRL, then it is permitted in the game.” Add that to the rules!

Of course, if the game allows for something mystical such as vampires or super-advanced yogis who can transport themselves from one place to the other, then naturally that sort of thing overrides my rule.


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